Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finding a Good Mover a Hassle? Not In Chicago...

January 5, 2011 - Chicago - Moving to another home can be very stressful. One of the hardest things in the process is finding a good moving serving. Chicagomovers.org can help folks in the Chicago metro area do just that, thereby eliminating at least some of the stress in your move. On average, Chicagoans spend two and a half hours researching movers and getting moving quotes, and still feel unsatisfied they received the best deal. Chicagomovers.org solves this problem by allowing visitors to their website to fill out a short form and watch top-rated moving companies compete for their business. This can help people save over 30 percent on their move. (Plus, it sounds like fun.) There is no charge for price quotes. "It is a simple concept that people appreciate when they are moving," says Kyle Burback, Co-founder of Chicagomovers.org. Burback continues, "There are a lot of movers that are hungry for your business, but often these movers don't realize how many quotes you are actually getting so they offer you a retail estimate that is greatly inflated. We solve this problem because the movers know up front that they will need to sharpen their pencil and offer a real deal to get your business." Chicagomovers.org also tackles quality issues proactively by pre-screening movers. "Nobody has a problem with their mover early on, they all seem knowledgeable and friendly," says Burback, "The problems with movers usually start after you have committed to a mover and put down a deposit or on moving day when the mover doesn't show up on time. The movers we work with know that if they don't provide excellent customer service all the way through the moving process they will be cut off from a lucrative source of new business. They are extremely motivated to provide great value and service." The website offers some great moving tips and packing tips. Chicagomovers.org has a brick-and-mortar office at 1608 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60608. Their phone is 312-238-9210.