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An Orgy Of Flesh, Windy City Rib Fest Is Awesome (120 Photos)

What to do this weekend in Chicago? The Windy City RibFest runs through 9 p.m., Sunday, July 18, so you still have time to enjoy a festival guaranteed to horrify vegans - and delight anyone who loves ribs, BBQ, and live entertainment. We put together a great slideshow for you (below), with over 120 photos of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. It is an amazing experience, and kudos must go to the Chamber for Uptown. Located at N. Broadway and W. Lawrence, the event is getting a great crowd and serving a lot of incredible food, plus tremendous music from great local bands (schedule and travel info here). The meat orgy continues through Sunday and you are stronly advised to get over there and put down some ribs. Excuse me... reee-ibs. The setting is beautiful, nestled in amongst historic buildings, and was recently used for scenes in Ron Howard's "Cheaters." 46th Ward Aldermanic candidates Molly Phelan and Michael Carroll have tables at the festival; stop by and say hello. Now, the slideshow...

Rep. Paul Ryan Endorses Pollak For Congress

The other day, Joel Pollak promised some "exciting news" - and he delivered. Pollak, the Republican challenging Rep. Jan Schakowsky in the 9th Congressional District of Illinois, has received a very significant endorsement from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan, the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, is a rising star in the GOP. He is an exceptional speaker and not afraid to put himself in front of a controversial issue (watch the video below, in which Ryan calls Obamacare "the mother of all unfunded mandates," and backed it up with facts). Pollak is also a rising star (bio). His run for Congress has already been getting a lot of attention by the national media, and for good reason: Pollak's initial claim to fame came from his 2009 verbal challenge to Barney Frank (see video), but that's been eclipsed by his campaign to take the 9th Congressional seat away from Jan Schakowsky, the radical far-Left incumbent. A press release from Pollak (July 16) said the following: I am pleased to announce that Rep. Paul Ryan will travel to the 9th district to join our campaign at a very special event on Wednesday, September 1, 2010. Mr. Ryan is the ranking Republican on the House budget committee, and authored the “Road Map for America’s future,” a bold new plan to restore our financial health. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard said: “If Republicans adopt [Paul Ryan’s] road map as their basic ideological blueprint, it offers them the prospect of a landslide in the midterm election this year, followed by victory in the presidential election in 2012.” I am a great admirer of Mr. Ryan, and will follow his example as a young leader in the next Congress. His participation is a tremendous show of confidence in our campaign. On the president’s fiscal commission, Mr. Ryan frequently spars with my opponent, Jan Schakowksy, whose far-left economic policies are killing jobs in the 9th district. Mr. Ryan’s visit will also mark the culmination of my “Pollak Pledge Tour” around the district. I will present Mr. Ryan with the best new ideas suggested by local residents. More details about the event with Paul Ryan will be available at and on the Pollak Facebook page. Also See: Alan Dershowitz to endorse Joel Pollak in Illinois' 9th Marathon Pundit Interview With Rep. Paul Ryan (Neil Cavuto) Real Clear Politics Paul Ryan v. the President Wall Street Journal

Friday, July 16, 2010

Windy City RibFest in Uptown, July 16-18

Do you love ribs ("reee-ibs") and good local music? If so, the place to be this weekend is at the Windy City Rib Fest in Uptown on Chicago's north side. It's a whole weekend of PETA-free fun! (See 120 photos in our updated slideshow!) More precisely, at Lawrence and Broadway (map here). CTA bus routes galore, and the Lawrence Red Line train station is just steps away. It's a fun neighborhood: This is home to The Green Mill, The Aragon, The Riviera and Uptown Lounge, plus a bevy of great restaurants. Ah, ribs: One of Chicago's favorite foods. Reee-ibs are even more fun when you're at a festival devoted to the messy, meaty treats. They're the original snack-on-a-stick, if you think about it, and that's reason enough to celebrate them. More reason, as mentioned above, is a good lineup of local bands. The lineup here: Friday, July 16 5:45 pm - Stellar Road 8:00 pm - Tonic Saturday, July 17 12:15 pm - Model Stranger 2:00 pm - Canasta 3:30 pm - Jon Drake & The Shakes 5:00 pm - The Lifeline 6:30 pm - Dick Holliday & the Bamboo Gang 8:30 pm - Sister Hazel Sunday, July 18 12:30 pm - Radio Live 2:45 pm - Catfight 5:00pm - 7th Heaven 7:15 pm - Cornmeal For more information see

Dumbest Spam Email of the Week

A good con artist is smooth, slick and presents him/herself well to the target. Many scam artists work from outside of the United States via email, but they don't seem to understand a basic reality: If you're trying to convince us that you're trustworthy, don't mangle the English language and don't use names that sound absurd. This spam email, reproduced below, was received today. "Dear ericpinkfloyd" is the first clue that this is (a) from another country, (b) from an idiot, (c) from someone who has no idea how use American/English salutations. --Dear ericpinkfloyd Friday, July 16, 2010 9:57 AM From: "supachai jaichapor" To: Hi,Dear: we are wholesalers in china.We can sent our product to USA,Germany,Europe and so on.x we have established a good business relationship with the manufactoies.So we can get the best price there. And we mainly do our business in bulk with our agents, so we should provide them our best price as well.Therefore, our prce is lower than the market price.We provide the kinds of shoes,T-shirts,MP3/MP4,Watches and guitar. For example Nike, Puma,Adidas,ED hardy,Apple and so on. Prices depend on the quantity of your order. the more is the lower. pleasse contact us. Sure, I'll be in touch if ever I'm interested in your crappy Chinese counterfeit merchandise. This partcular email reminds me of one the running gags in the classic film "Buckaroo Banzai." In that film, invaders from the 8th dimension infiltrated industry and the government by using crazy names such as "John Bigbooty." I like "Eric Pinkfloyd" for it's comical effect, but wonder how "supachai jaichapor" came to think that "Pinkfloyd" is anybody's surname.

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Three Stunning UFO Sightings, Russia and China, 2010

July 16, 2010: Two amazing UFO sightings in China this month, and one in Russia in June. First, to China. A late report from (July 15) says that the Xiaoshan Airport UFO was "most likely.... a military plane or a weapon test." (Isn't that the same kind of thing that the U.S. government has been saying about unexplainable UFO sightings for decades?) Asks, "However, the question still remains; how a testing of a highly-classified plane or weapon could take place in a very crowded city of China?" Good question. The person who posted the following video on YouTube included these comments: I'm attaching links to both sightings. The first sighting took place on June 30, 2010, the second on July 8, 2010 that caused the closure of the Xiaoshan Airport. Here's the link to the July 8 sighting The June 30 sighting Chinese officials have "deemed this to be debris from an American airline intercontinental jet." In the case of the second UFO, however, the Chinese government said that it was "was connected with the military and was reported to be going to make an official statement that evening, but this statement never took place." (Source: [Above] An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday. Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm, and some flights were rerouted to airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi , said an airport spokesman, who declined to be named. More from People's Daily Online... RUSSIA: On June 5, 2010, there was a UFO sited in Zakamskaya (Zakamsk; map) on June, 5 2010. It sure looks authentic, but then, who knows. We'll go to the two July, 2010 Chinese sightings after this video... RELATED: UFO in China's Skies Prompts Investigation ABC News International Video Footage Of UFO Over Chinese Airport 7th July 2010

My Name Is Molly Phelan, And I'm Sick Of It

July 15, 2010 - Chicago - “My name is Molly Phelan, and I want to be your alderman,” she told the crowd. Phelan, a tax attorney, was speaking last night to a crowd at Nick's Uptown, 4015 North Sheridan Road, last night. The occasion: The formal announcement of her candidacy for 46th Ward alderman. ALSO SEE: First Responders Endorse Michael Carroll for 46th Ward Alderman (CNB, January 26, 2011) According to Lake Effect News, Alderman Helen Shiller "is said to be making an announcement on whether she intends to run for another term in early August." LEN quotes Phelan as telling last night's crowd that "A lot of you have asked me why I’m running for alderman. The short answer is I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the lying, I’m sick of the kids getting killed in our streets, and I’m sick of money being taken from our schools and given away in backroom deals in city hall. I’m sick of it.” More at LEN... Yes, and so is most of Uptown. Chicago's aldermanic elections will be held in February, 2011. RELATED: Molly Phelan Running For Alderman in 46th Ward Don Nowotny On Latest Broadway-Wilson Shooting What The Cappleman! It's Official, He's Running In The 46th Ward Urgent! Petition to Stop Wilson Yard $54 Million Expansion Ald. Helen Shiller Wallows in Lies, Self-Pity

Abandoned Cat "Sweetie Pie" Needs Your Help

Chicago - This is one cute cat, and she was recently abandoned - tossed out - by a heartless owner. A friend of mine is taking care of her but he is allergic to cats and wants to find a good home for her. Her name is "Sweetie Pie," and she's been checked out by a vet and is in good shape. She is a 3-year old with tortoise shell markings and, says my friend, "affectionate and mellow." If you would like to adopt Sweetie Pie, leave a comment on this post with your email address and phone number (we will NOT publish either of those) and we'll put you in touch with her caretaker, my friend. Here's what my buddy wrote on July 15 about how he found Sweetie Pie: Found in Ukranian Village about a week ago. She has a microchip that led us back to her previous owners, but they dumped her in the street a couple of weeks ago because they had a baby. She is fixed and has proper shots. Tested negative on a combo test (no feline diseases). She is clean and healthy, no injuries. Some overgrooming due to stress. Bonus: She comes with a brand new litter box with fresh litter, a couple pounds of dry food, water and food bowls, stand-alone scratching post, hanging scratching pad, and a circular "chase-the-mouse" toy. All of this was donated by Treehouse Cat Shelter on Carmen and Broadway. They did say, however, that she would be super easy to find a home for because of her disposition.

Jesse Jackson Jr's Pants Are Burning

Smell the smoke?

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Well, some of you like me. Some of you hate me. That's okay, this nice email from a reader overpowers a thousand of the negative emails I get, 99% of which are from idiots (sorry, no other way to put it). The reader wrote: "Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with what you’ve done with your site. I’m guessing you get about two hours of sleep a night and some surgeon will make a fortune someday on the study he publishes on your carpal tunnel. Prodigious is a lame adjective. I know from experience that it’s tough being a moderate in [Chicago]. I can only imagine the weight of the burden a conservative would carry. Your commitment and honesty are admirable." I've already thanked the reader for those kind remarks. I forgot to write, however, that I actually get about five hours of sleep at night and have never had any symptoms of carpal tunnel in my four decades of typing and computer use. I do, however, get a numb posterior from sitting on a crappy chair. I gotta get new chair.

Bill Kelly Interviews Cedra Crenshaw About Democrats' Attempts To Shut Her Out

It's the Democrats' plantation racist mentality at work. Cedra Crenshaw is a Black American, highly educated and very bright. Her sin: She's a conservative. Worse yet, she's a Tea Partier. In the eyes of the Democrat power brokers, she has strayed from the plantation and must be stopped. Here's a must-see video (below) by Bill Kelly, columnist for the Washington Times and host on WIND 560 AM in Chicago. Kelly interviews Tea Party favorite, Cedra Crenshaw, about the Illinois Democrat Machine's attempt to knock her off the ballot in Illinois. She's running for State Senate in the 43rd District and the Dems are scared to death of her. Crenshaw also has a few choice words about the NAACP's recent condemnation of the Tea Party movement as "racist." In his Washington Times column, Bill Kelly wrote that Crenshaw's opponent, State Sen. A. J. Wilhelmi, was "Originally appointed- not elected in 2005.... and his political insiders filed a challenge to his competitor - Crenshaw’s nominating petitions. Using intimidation scams honed in Chicago, approximately 1300 of Crenshaw’s 2115 petition signatures were disputed. The challenge was so frivolous that it even questioned the home address of Crenshaw’s campaign manager, Mark Batinick. For the past five years, Batinick, his wife, and five children have lived at their current address in Plainfield Township." More at Washington Times... Fox News Chicago gives additional background: Crenshaw, a 37-year old mother of three who studied accounting at North Carolina A&T, submitted hundreds more signatures on her nominating petitions than required. But Will County officials knocked her off the November ballot, saying one of the sentences in her filing should have used slightly different wording. "I am angry," said Crenshaw, an African-American who rejects complaints that the Tea Party movement is racist. "And a lot of the voters are very angry, as well. Right here in the State of Illinois, the vote is being denied to the voters of the 43rd State Senate District by a frivolous challenge." More at "Kelly Truth Squad" can be heard at 10:00 p.m. on Sundays at AM 560 WIND. The Kelly Truth Squad Radio Show is a natural offshoot of Kelly's website of the same name. He's also blogging over at Chicago Now, and has been busy with column at the Washington Times column, "The Tea Party Report."

Pollak Video Chides Schakowsky For Deficits, Jobs Losses

An excellent video by the Pollak for Congress campaign. Their first release of this 37-second video had a typo (somebody misspelled "investment"), but they quickly corrected it and reposted it on YouTube. Have a look, and be sure to see the Special Announcement just below this video... SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Pollak for Congress campaign, July 15, 2010: As we kick off the Pollak Pledge Tour today - at Einstein’s Bagels at 23 S. Prospect in Park Ridge from 2-4 p.m. - our campaign has received some very exciting news. A very important leader has committed to visiting Chicago on September 1 to help our campaign. We will reveal the details in a special announcement tomorrow, July 16th, at 10:00 a.m. CDT, on the Pollak for Congress Facebook page. Details will also be posted on our campaign web page, The event is a sign of the national importance of our campaign. We are leading the fight for jobs, fiscal responsibility, freedom and security. We have taken a “safe” seat and turned it into a competitive race that is giving real power to the people of the 9th district. Tune in tomorrow at 10 am! And see you at the Pollak Pledge Tour later today!Any questions, please contact us at or 224.217.9669

Interstellar Energy Cloud + Sun = Uh Oh!

Updated, July 15, 2010: Global warming? Yes, yes, but you should be more concerned with our increasingly active Sun and - get this - the interstellar energy cloud that we are about to enter. Also See: Solar Storm Hitting Earth Now! There's a big hot thing up in the sky called "the Sun." It's very hot, and it heats up our little planet. It heats up Mars and Venus and Mercury, too, and studies have shown that - sit down - Mars is experiencing global warming. It's not SUV exhaust and chloroflourocarbons traveling from Los Angeles to Mars. It's the Sun. It's hot, it's cold. It's cold because it's hot, Al Gore tells us, because the New Priests of the New Age have told us so. And you dare not dispute them, lest ye be excommunicated. More than any other influence, however, the sun stirs up the world's climate, and the sun has been showing signs of acting up lately. Scientists are concerned that the 11-year cycle that the sun has just entered may produce some annoying - if not catastrophic - solar hijinx. If we're lucky, the potential flares won't cause mass extinction... but they might knock out power and satellites. The result? If powerful enough, the flares could cause a rapid chain of events that could throw the entire world into an economic depression. Techologically, it might suddenly be like living in 1890. You know: Martial law, mass starvation and societal collapse. The National Academy of Sciences warns us of the potential for danger in its "Severe Space Weather Events" report, which notes that powerful solar flares could blast the earth with radiation. That, they say, could seriously mess up our power, water and communications worldwide. "It's very likely in the next 10 years that we will have some impact like that described in the National Academy report," Dr. Richard Fisher, director of NASA's heliophysics division, told the New York Daily News in June, 2010. "Although I don't know to what degree. Fisher explained that the sun works on an 11-year cycle, and is now emerging from its quiet period." About that interstellar energy cloud... Lawrence E. Joseph has "written on science, nature, politics and business on five continents for publications including The New York Times (Magazine, Op-Ed), Discover,, and has also authored a number of books," his bio states.
In his book "Apocolypse 2012," Joseph wrote this about both the Sun's activity and the interstellar energy cloud: Since the 1940’s, and particularly, since 2003, the Sun has behaved more tumultuously than any time since the rapid global warming that accompanied the melting of the last Ice Age. Solar physicists concur that solar activity will next peak, at record-setting levels, in 2012.... Russian geophysicists believe that the Solar System has entered an interstellar energy cloud. This cloud is energizing and destabilizing the Sun and all the planets’ atmospheres. Their predictions for catastrophe resulting from the Earth’s encounter with this energy cloud range from 2010 to 2020. (Source) Sounds like fun, right? 2012 is now less than 18 months away, so you still have time to stock up on survival equipment and freeze-dried food items. Joseph is also Chairman of the Board of Aerospace Consulting Corporation (AC2), a plasma physics company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico corporation, which works with Sandia National Laboratories. AC2 is developing the Vulcan Plasma Disintegrator, "an ultra-high temperature (10,000 to 15,000 degrees K) furnace designed to completely dissociate highly toxic biological and chemical wastes, leaving no toxic residue." In other words, nothing survives it. Don't worry too much about the Sun frying the planet. The Vulcan Plasma Disintegrator sounds a lot more dangerous. Of course, a strong solar flare could knock out all of the power to the VPD. For more information, visit Joseph's website.

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Strong Reactions To NAACP Attack On Tea Parties

Strongly worded condemnations of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) calling the Tea Party movement "racist"... ABC News: that "First Lady Michelle Obama brought renewed energy to the NAACP today, delivering the keynote speech at the annual convention one day before the nation's largest civil rights group is expected to condemn what it calls racist elements in the Tea Party movement." ABC also notes that the NAACP, "in coordination with 170 other groups, including labor unions, is planning a protest march in Washington, D.C., Oct. 2 as the next step in building momentum against the Tea Party." Two of the responses appear in full below. One is from Isaac Hayes, a Republican and Black American who is running against Jesse Jackson, Jr. for Congress in Illinois. The other is from the Rockford Tea Party. Not only is the NAACP's attack unwarranted, it is completely hypocritical. The NAACP attacked the Tea Parties on the basis of false and entirely racist premises and - no doubt - at the request of their true masters, the Democrat Party. The NAACP's condemnation of the Tea Parties (note that it's plural; there is not a single "Tea Party") has been coordinated with the Obama Regime. While Comrade Obama promised us a "post racial America," he and those around him have done everything they could to widen the existing divisions between White and Non-White Americans. The NAACP's condemnation of the Tea Parties is hypocritical, and is proven so by their lack of condemnation of outrageously racist statements by the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), one of which called for the killing of "crackers" and "cracker babies." The liberal and hypocritical Mainstream Media, of course, is not reporting that story. Listen to the Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the NBPP try to spin away the seriousness of a NBPP member's call to "kill some crackers." Shabazz calls himself a Muslim, and in 2002 he praised Osama bin Laden (after the World Trade Centers were destroyed). There are many other examples like these, including one in which author, vegan and paranoid racist psychopath Kamau Kambon called for the extermination of White people in a speech on C-SPAN (the real weirdness starts at 2:32 in that video; he talks about "how we are going to exterminate White people" at 8:30 into the video). Where was the outrage by Black "leaders" and "civil rights groups" over these over-the-top racist screeds? Meanwhile, the Obama Regime's Department of "Justice" is shielding the extremist NBPP. Is this just right-wing spin? Is National Geographic right-wing? They describe the NBPP this way: "The New Black Panther Party advocates black nationalism and anti-Americanism." Watch their shocking video about the NBPP here. The reactions from Tea Parties to the NAACP across the nation was almost instant and predictable: Counter condemnation. One of the more powerful reactions came from the St. Louis Tea Party, which published a resolution of their own condemning the NAACP. (See the equally powerful resolution from the Rockford Tea Party, below.) Deneen Borelli is a Black woman and contributor to She wrote a very short but powerful retort to the NAACP that is titled "I Condemn the NAACP: The New Black Panther Party Are the Real Racists." Borelli wrote, "I condemn the NAACP. Instead of criticizing tea parties, the NAACP would be better served denouncing the racist comments made by a member of the New Black Panther Party and its voter intimidation outside a Philadelphia polling place in the last presidential election. As a frequent speaker at tea party rallies around the country, I can assure the NAACP that the tea party movement’s concerns are about President Obama’s policies and not his race." GOP'S ISAAC HAYES CONDEMNS NAACP: CHICAGO: Republican nominee for Illinois 2ndCongressional District Isaac Hayes released the following statement regarding the NAACP's vote to condemn the Tea Party movement. "Today’s vote by the NAACP to condemn the Tea Party movement highlights its ignorance of the history of the Tea Party movement and reminds us it has not changed its tactics in 100 years. A quick survey of American history will reveal the first American to shed blood in the American Revolution was both a Tea Partier and Black by the name of Crispus Attucks. "Black Conservatives are no stranger to the race-based machinations of the NAACP. It was the organization's founder W.E.B. Du Bois who castigated Booker T. Washington as a sell-out because he argued for self-empowerment. Yet, Mr. Du Bois joined forces with Margaret Sanger who would later found Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for the deaths of over 15 million African American babies. "Instead of wasting its time trying to curtail the exercise of liberty, the NAACP concerns would be better directed toward the gang violence and illiteracy that plagues Minority communities across this country. Therefore, I condemn the NAACP for its perpetuation of racial division and hate." Hayes's statement also appears on the Citizens for Isaac Hayes website. FROM THE ROCKFORD TEA PARTY: RockfordTeaParty Joins with the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition who created this Resolution in Condemning the NAACP Rockford Tea Party Resolution July 14, 2010 Whereas, the National Coalition for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded to advance the position of minority groups, and Whereas a hallmark of the NAACP has been to do the important work of identifying and exposing remaining vestiges of racism and discrimination, and Whereas the NAACP vocally stands against the discriminatory and harmful practice of labeling people with a broad brush, and Whereas the NAACP decided to launch their 101st National Convention with a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement and labeling millions of their fellow Americans who subscribe to the movement as "racists", and Whereas the "Tea Party movement" is a label applied to patriotic Americans who have expressed their political free speech in the grand tradition of all that is American, that being the spirited expression of viewpoints in a 100% peaceful manner, and Whereas, it is a hallmark of America that we settle our disputes civilly and avoid the gutter tactic of attempting to silence opponents by inflammatory name-calling, and Whereas the very term "racist" has diminished meaning due to its overuse by political partisans including members of the NAACP, and Whereas, the NAACP had an opportunity to preserve some semblance of legitimacy by standing up for Ken Gladney, the victim of a vicious racist battery conducted by a black avowed communist, even labeling him an "Uncle Tom", but chose instead to use the opportunity to mock the St. Louis Tea Party, and Whereas, the NAACP has refused to denounce the New Black Panther's call to murder white cops and their babies, and Whereas, the NAACP does its entire membership a grave disservice by hypocritically engaging in the very conduct it purports to oppose, Now therefore be it resolved that the Rockford Tea Party joins the St. Louis Tea Party to condemn the NAACP for lowering itself to the dishonorable position of a partisan political attack dog organization, and, Be it further resolved that the RockfordTeaParty joins the St. Louis Tea Party calling on similar organizations to join in unanimous condemnation of this despicable behavior, and Be it further resolved that we demand that the NAACP withdrawal their bigoted, false and inflammatory resolution against the tea party for any further consideration, and Be it further resolved that these organizations call on the Internal Revenue Service to evenly apply their standards and consider the tax-exempt status of the NAACP considering the degree to which they are engaging in habitual partisan political behavior. Adopted unanimously, this day, July 12th, in the year of our Lord, 2010. A copy of this resolution shall be sent immediately to the NAACP at:

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Taxburgers and Fee Fries

English: A cheeseburger.Image via Wikipedia
by T.H. Mannis

I'll serve the burgers in a moment. First, let me say that taxes are sadly misunderstood by Democrats and their liberal-progressive sycophants. It's ironic that the Party of Higher Taxes is so ignorant about the effects and unintended consequences of taxation. It's been proven over and over that net tax revenues rise when taxation levels are lowered.

It's counterintuitive, but makes perfect sense: Lower the taxes and suddenly more people can afford to buy more things. From the sales tax on a pack of gum, a washing machine or a condominium, part of the cost is taxes. Your real income is less because it, too, is taxed. When you raise taxes, people have less disposable income. They buy less or go to a neighboring city, county or state where the sales taxes are lower, or move there because the income tax is friendlier. This is simple, basic economics. Any kid running a lemonade understands that higher prices result in fewer sales.

Still don't get it? Okay, then, let's get to the hamburgers.

Let's say there are two hamburger joints on the same block. Right Burgers and Lefty Burgers are directly across the street from each other. They serve equally delicious burgers and fries, and their menus are identical. Both restaurants are clean and pleasant. Their prices are identical. Both, for example, charge $4.00 for a cheeseburger. Regular customers like both burger joints, and so each gets an equal share of the local lunch business. There's trouble on the horizon, however...

Tomboy's chili-cheeseburger with friesImage via Wikipedia
One day, the owner of Lefty Burgers decides that he can make more money if he raises the price of his burgers. He rewrites his menu with new pricing, and will now charge $5.00 for a cheeseburger. All of his other prices are raised, too. As he puts his new menu out, he smiles to himself in anticipation of higher revenues.

Lefty Burgers does make more money - temporarily. The owner is happy, but soon more and more people become aware of his higher burger price. Once-loyal customers stop coming in, realizing that the same burger is still available across the street, for less money, at Right Burgers. After two weeks, Lefty Burgers has lost all of its regular customers to Right Burgers. The only business he gets now is the occasional person passing through the neighborhood. Each burger joint used to sell about 200 cheeseburgers each per day.

Suddenly, however, Right Burgers is selling around 380 cheeseburgers per day and Lefty Burgers is selling about 20 per day. The result: Lefty Burgers is making less money, even though its prices are higher. Lefty Burgers lays of three of his six employees. Realizing that he's making less money than before, Lefty decides to raise his prices yet again. After all, shouldn't charging more result in higher revenues?

Right Burgers, fully aware of the situation, decides to put a big new sign out front advertising his newly lowered prices. A month later, Lefty Burgers lays off his remaining three employees and files for bankruptcy. Right Burgers hires all six former Lefty employees and makes plans to remodel and add a new patio.

This is how taxation works, too. If you can cross the county line or state line and get the same burger - or cigarettes, automobile, lawn mower, or anything else - for less money, you do. If you can get the same lifestyle in another county or state for less money, you will do. If you can hold your convention in another city, county or state for less money, you will. If you can open a business in another state for less money, you will. And so on.

Democrats, generally, just don't understand this simple reality. Geniuses like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and his fellow Democrats in the state legislature, look at the budgetary situation in the same way that Lefty Burgers looked at his and act in the same way.

It's no wonder, then, that more people are deciding to get their proverbial cheeseburgers in a state other than Illinois. Pat Quinn and Company are engaging in actions that will soon cause this state to file for bankruptcy unless action is taken. They show no willingness to take that action. You ask what that action is? Lower all taxes across the board in Illinois. They won't, however, because ideology and myth always trumps reality for Democrats, liberals and progressives. Don't ask them for fries with that cheeseburger. They'll charge you extra.

Copyright 2010 T.H.Mannis - All Rights Reserved
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Another Sneak Peek at Wilson Yard Target

This is a view through the front doors of the new Target store in Uptown, Chicago. Employees have been busy for weeks getting the shelving in place and, more recently, stocking those shelves with much-awaited-for merchandise. The two-level store at N. Broadway and W. Sunnyside will feature a limited grocery section and a Starbucks.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Joel Pollak's Campaign Video Blooper

The actual title of Pollak's new vid is "Stop Destroying Jobs!" It's a good video and Joel is a natural in front of a camera. However, I think of it as his "Investments" video because, oy vay, because somebody misspelled "investments" in the titles as "investements." Even so, the clear message is effective: Schakowsky has been bad for jobs, bad for the deficit, and lying about it to boot. UPDATE: The Pollak people have nicely corrected the little typo and reposted the video. See it here, and see a Special Announcement below this video...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update 3: Bombs Kill At Least 64 In Kapala, Uganda

July 11, 2010 - Update #3 - Two or three bomb blasts at 11:00 p.m. local time in Uganda's capitol city Kampala have killed at least 64 people. As of July 11, 10:00 p.m. EDT, Houston Chronicle and AP report that the rising death toll is at least 64. The Syndey Morning Herald and AFP report the same death toll. (NOTE: As of 10:00 p.m. EDT, various reports disagree about the number of blasts. Most are reporting two explosions but some say three.) Some Americans and Europeans are believed to be among the casualties, but the numbers and details are not yet clear. Earlier Reports: The Daily Monitor in Kampala, reported (on July 12, 2010 at 02:06 local time): Police confirmed that 13 people, more than half of them foreigners were killed at Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala, a Kampala suburb, while Daily Monitor reporters counted about 40 bodies at Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds where a huge crowd was watching the Spain Vs Netherlands Word Cup final. Police Chief Kale Kaihura says he can't yet confirm the death toll, but reports from the scene indicated it may be around 20 people killed and others injured. Kaihura says he believes that Somalia's most feared militia — al-Shabab, which has pledged loyalty to al-Qaida — could be behind the attack. One of the bombs went off at an Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala, Uganda's capital. AP (at NWCN News) RELATED: Ugandan bombings toll rises to 64 Sydney Morning Herald Uganda blasts point to possible Islamist link Reuters Africa Uganda: Bombs Explode, Somali Militia Blamed WFMY News 50 die in Kampala bomb blasts Daily Monitor, Uganda Bomb attacks hit Kampala‎ New Vision Police seize govt cars for AU meet‎ New Vision Report: At least 33 dead after two explosions hit Kampala, Uganda Wire Update Islamic Militant Groups Protest East African Union Troop Increase in Somalia