Thursday, December 30, 2010

Keeping Race in Chicago's Mayoral Race

With the election of Comrade President Barack Hussein Obama, we were promised, the nation would move beyond race. In January, 2008, Obama was finishing his Iowa caucus campaign. He was quoted by the Chicago Tribune as saying, "People are willing to look beyond race, particularly on issues as important as who is going to lead the country." It was a fantastical statement, given the fact that we still have racist institutions like the Black Congressional Caucus. Oh? Perhaps Chicago's Black mayoral candidates missed that pronouncement from The Messiah. None of them is willing to "look beyond race," certainly not on an issue as important as who is going to lead the city. Today we still have self-proclaimed "Black leaders" (such as the Reviled Jesse Jackson) constantly whining that race is a dividing issue. Perhaps that's due in no small part to the fact that they just won't shut up about it and because they insist - in a knee jerk, involuntary manner - on basing everything they do, say and think upon racial issues. To wit, the current mayoral race in Chicago, where Black "leaders" and candidates are conspiring about the best way to defeat Rahm Emanuel. Of course, it's all about beating the White Man, not about finding the best person to be our next mayor. Carol Felsenthal writes about this in two good articles at Rev. Jesse Jackson: The Davis/Moseley Braun meeting-and on the media covering the mayor’s race - December 30, 2010: As previously reported, Jesse Jackson, Sr., met Wednesday night at his Rainbow PUSH headquarters with Danny Davis and Carol Moseley Braun, the two leading African American candidates for mayor. The purpose, Jackson told me in a telephone conversation Thursday morning, was to get them talking-to jump start the dialogue about one of them dropping out to give the survivor a chance to turn the momentum that has been building for Rahm Emanuel. Jackson predicted that the two “old friends” will reach an agreement: “There’s nothing hostile or petty about their relationship….They left the meeting on good terms.” Here’s the rest of what Jackson told me.... Danny Davis: Ministers want a single black candidate; Rev. Jesse Jackson brokering? - December 29, 2010: Congressman Danny Davis says that, at the behest of various black ministers, he and Carol Moseley Braun will meet again later today to discuss whether one of them should drop out of the race for Chicago mayor. The two longtime friends—the leading African American candidates in the contest—met on Christmas Eve to talk shop about the campaign ... The unspoken (so far) implication, of course, is that anybody who supports Rahm Emanuel must be anti-Black and, therefore, racist. We heard that spoken often enough during Obama's campaign and still here accusations of racism thrown at anybody who opposes His policies. Willing to look beyond race? I think most of us are, but we also wish the self-proclaimed Black "leaders" would just shut the hell up and keep their paranoid delusions out of politics. RELATED: Clinton and race in Chicago Politico - Rahm Emanuel's African-American opponents continue to use race as a wedge in a city with a history of fraught racial politics Racial Politics in Chicago, of All Places National Review Online Obama's Race Baiting Washington Times Black Racism and “The Jena Six” FrontPage Magazine