Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rahm Emanuel Pressuring WIND To Fire Talk Show Host William J. Kelly

December 18, 2010 - William J. Kelly has been one of the loudest critics of Rahm Emanuel's attempt to bamboozle the Board of Elections into believing that living in Washington, D.C. qualifies him as a full-time resident. Kelly was one of the objectors who spoke at the Emanuel residency hearings this past week. Kelly claims today that Emanuel is pressuring Chicago talk radio station WIND 560 AM to fire him. Kelly has a live talk show on Saturday nights at 6:00 p.m., and tonight's show promises a lot of verbal fireworks. You can listen to Kelly live on radio or on the web at Kelly sent a statement by email today, which is reproduced below. Dear Friends, PROTEST DETAILS ON KELLY TRUTH SQUAD TONIGHT: Please listen tonight at 6pm on AM 560 WIND for more details on Thursday's protest and please support me. Rahm Emanuel's people are now putting pressure on AM 560 WIND (Chicago's supposedly conservative radio station) to get me off the air. Call and email WIND and tell them not to buckle under the pressure. Call them at (847) 437-5200 - WIND (local office) (972) 402-8800 - WIND's corporate office in Texas Are they a conservative radio station or not? MORE PROTEST DETAILS: This Thursday, I am calling all TRUE activists to show up in protest at the Chicago Board of Elections on Thursday December 23, 2010 at 9AM (pack a lunch) (69 W. Washington in Chicago). They will be issuing the decision on whether Rahm Emanuel is eligible to run for Mayor of Chicago - despite that he doesn't qualify as being a Chicago resident. I questioned Rahm Emanuel under oath this week and fought off the scores of unrelenting objections from his smug attorneys. You can watch the video of my closing argument here. Since the hearings began, the Chicago media has helped portray Rahm Emanuel as an innocent victims in order to garner him votes. Do you want a Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Do you realize what will become of Chicago and the rest of the state if he is elected. I am urging you to come out and make your presence known at this important hearing. If you have a group, email them. If you have a facebook group, please post to your wall and urge people to attend. If you have a tea party group, email people and let them know that this is something they need to do. Mark your calendars and plan to attend. While the Chicago media is crying foul on Rahm Emanuel, they've completely ignored the one conservative in the race. Tom Hanson, an independent conservative businessman (and a very successful one - he's developed more than $550,000,000 worth of commercial properties) was kicked out of the race because the Chicago Board of Elections lost HIS Statement of Economic Interest. But have they said anything? No! You can read the entire story and see me confront Langdon Neal, the head of the Chicago Board of Elections in my column at the Washington Times. It is the #1 story this week! Watch it here. Please let me know if you plan on coming on Thursday. And please let me know if you will email and post this news to your facebook groups. Thank you for your help and support! Bill Kelly Web Sites: Websites: and Twitter: Facebook: Rahm Stoppers RSS Feed: