Monday, December 6, 2010

Obama's Big Fat Superfluous Lip Malfunction

December 6, 2010 - Obama, without his teleprompter, is often a stuttering, stumbling orator at best. In the past, he's blamed his verbal gaffes on exhaustion. He now has a more convenient - if no more credible - excuse to use: A recent basketball injury that required 12 stitches to his lower lip. (For a funny, related video, see iOwnTheWorld's "Breaking News: Hell Frozen Over!") Obama, speaking last night at the Kennedy Center, tripped on the word "superfluous." Of course, most of the media are giving him a pass on this (imagine how they would have savaged Bush for the same gaffe). In the video of the event, below, you'll see and hear that Obama did manage to pronounce "superfluous" once with no problem (at 36 seconds), but then trips all over the word (at 43 seconds). Obama blamed his mushy mouth on his recent lip injury, but he seemed to be joking about it. The media, however, has actually presented the lip injury as the real reason that Obama's brain misfired on the word. CNN, for example. Did a split lip account for these Obama mouth malfunctions and brain farts?