Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updated Again! 2010 PUK Awards Finalists Announced @iOwnTheWorld

Some of the best political satire artwork is at iOwnTheWorld.com. They've narrowed this year's competition down to a field of finalists for their internationally acclaimed PUK Awards. AND THE WINNER IS: SEE WHO WON, UPDATED 12/20/2010 IronyCurtain, one of the IOTW creative geniuses, wrote to me and explained why they call it the "PUK" Awards: "PUK was the screen name of Peter in the UK, a musician who was on the London scene during the early Beatles era. Peter was an early fan and supporter of iOwnTheWorld.com and was wickedly clever in his comments. Sadly, he passed away about a year ago. We named the award as a tribute to him." (Thanks again to IronyCurtain.) See all of the amazing photo political satire at IOTW. You'll be so amazed that your amazing amazement will, not amazingly, amaze you. Say, We Do Some Funny Stuff at Chicago News Bench, Too, By The Way... Obama as The Little Dictator Pelosi Pisses Off Pope Dead KKK Guy Hanging Around U.S. Senate The Manchurian Alinskyite The Ultimate Goal of Obama's Change Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #3 In Series New Heather Steans Campaign Posters Joe Moore Tour Starts Today Alderman Moore's Brave New World Joe Moore Caption Contest! Today's Satirical Funny Photo of Joe Moore Avy Meyers Foie Gras Cartoon Shillerism Meter Rape