Friday, November 5, 2010

(Video) Pollak Tells Tea Party To Stay The Fight; Accuses Schakowsky Of Ethics Violations

Chicago - November 5, 2010 - He lost his election bid against Rep. Jan Schakowsky, but Joel Pollak will not fade away. On the day after the election, Joel Pollak spoke to a small gathering of Tea Party activists in downtown Chicago. He packed a lot into a 10-minute speech, including multiple accusations of bad behavior by Schakowsky (a shorter version can be seen here). He also said that the Tea Party movement is indispensable and must remain vigilant in its battle for openness and fiscal responsibility by our elected officials. Although Pollak lost the election, still win for having him around and ready to carry on the fight. The full speech is in our own video, below, with excerpts following underneath. Excerpted Remarks: "Schakowsky told her email subscribers that her victory represents a victory over the Tea Party, and they're not going to let the Tea Party take root in Illinois. She obvioiusly doesn't know the Tea Party started right here in Chicago, a few blocks away. "She is a public official that is going to be followed, people are going to watch everything she does. And by the way, that process is not over. You heard some of the stories about things that happened in the precincts, we have evidence that she was electioneering at some of the polling places. More than that, we think we have grounds for ethics complaints going forward about some of the things she did to try to win the election, like helping contributors and all their friends get relief from foreclosures from their banks, like getting last minute funding for a school in Norrigde that had been asking for the funding for soundproofing for ten years and finally, seven days before the election, they got it. "We have evidence we have gathered that we are going to pursue, and the next two years are not going to be easy for Jan Schakowsky because we just can't stand for that anymore. And, this is not ending here. It's not ending in our district and it's not ending in the rest of the country." "There's a new book out by Stanley Kurtz ["Radical In Chief"] that documents President Obama's early years in the Chicago far Left. That has some very interesting things to say not just about President Obama but Jan Schakowsky and some of her connections as well. "I want to congratulate everyone in this room because the Tea Party volunteers in this city did what nobody across the nation had been able to do when it came to Shorebank. We stopped Jan Schakowsky from bailing out Shorebank with a single penny of federal taxpayer dollars. The bailout stopped here. [applause] "And now that the bailout has stopped the investigation has begun. The Inspector General of the FDIC is now looking into Schakowsky and Sheila Bair, the head of the FDIC, and the Obama Administration to find out how it was that this particular bank got all this attention, how it was that Jan Schakowsky and others were able to twist Wall Street arms and make them deposit - I believe it was 150 million dollars - so that this old team of managers who drove the bank into the ground could buy up the good assets and leave the taxpayers with the bad assets. It's never happened before and the Inspector General is looking into it. Partly because of an lllinois member of Congress, Judy Biggert. She was the one who really took up our cause, and that's because of the pressure that you applied. The bailouts stopped here. It started with Rick Santelli but it also started with you."