Monday, November 1, 2010

Jan Schakowsky's Mole In Scott Lee Cohen's Campaign

Chicago - Baxter Swilley is running for Lieutenant Governor in Illinois. He is the running mate of Scott Lee Cohen, the political naif who is running for Governor. Both are running as "independents." How funny that is. Neither man is politically independent; the label is the byproduct of the way they registered as candidates. Cohen, you'll recall, is the hapless boob who actually won the Democrat primary race for Lt. Governor and was summarily forced off the ticket by the Quinn-Madigan-Machine forces a week later. Rather than fight like a man, Cohen backed down in tears. Independent? Remember that he ran as a Democrat in February. To this day, he will tell you that he is "a Democrat to the core." Forever, he will be remembered as the gutless wonder who allowed himself to be publicly compromised by the power elite. (If that's the kind of guy you want as your governor, go ahead and vote for him.) Cohen's running mate Baxter Swilley, 34, is a bit more complicated. His qualifications to be the Lt. Governor are slim indeed. He was Cohen's downstate coordinator in the Lt. Governor primary race, which seems to be the best reason yet given publicly by Cohen for selecting him as his running mate. It's a thin qualification at best. Perhaps Swilley's best "qualification," and possibly the reason he was chosen, is that Swilley was once the Political Director for Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). Back in March, after Cohen dramatically flushed his political future down the toilet, Swilley was busy up in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood organizing a Coffee Party chapter. Remember them, the counter to the Tea Party movement? It's okay if you don't. Not many people do. As with the rest of the Coffee Party chapters around the country, the one in Rogers Park has been spectacularly flacid. Another spectacular Swilley failure: He founded the committee called Citizens for 2016 whose mission is to raise public support for the Olympics in Chicago. You remember that the vast majority of Chicagoans were against bringing the Olympics to Chicago. Not Swilley. His Democrat masters had a lot of personal gain to be gotten from the Olympics, and he jumped up to front a pro-Olympics committee for them. Watch an amusing video interview in which Swilley discusses Citizens for 2016. Swilley has been, and remains, a busy Democrat operative. On March 11, Chicago News Bench wrote the following about Swilley's long history in the liberal progressive Democrat trenches: He was behind Citizens for 2016, a group that supported Mayor Daley's bid to bring the Olympics to Chicago. He was the Political Director for the John Edwards-Campaign Organization - Missouri, where he is listed under the "Edwards for President, Inc. Missouri Leadership." His short bio summary there says that his experience "includes political director for US Representative Jan Schakowsky and campaign manager of Jackson, MS Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr.'s 2001 re-election campaign." (Harvey Johnson was the first Black mayor of Jackson.)Swilley has also worked for U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Chicago, a former Black Panther. Oh, and Scott Lee Cohen, who won the Illinois Democrat primary for Lt. Governor in February, 2010 but was forced out of the race by the Illinois Democrat Party. Swilley was Cohen's downstate coordinator and spokesman. He's been a busy boy.In 2002, as Schakowsky’s Political Director, Swilley was instrumental in creating a 2,500 person field organization to designed to give Democrats a landslide win that November. (Source:, pg 13.) What we have in Baxter Swilley, is a devoted Democrat operative who moves around from state to state, organizing locals in "grassroots" efforts even though he himself is an outsider. Originally from Maywood, a suburb 13 miles due west downtown Chicago, Swilley embedded himself in Chicago's north side in Rogers Park in 2001. That's the same year, not coincidentally, that Jan Schakowsky hired Swilley as her Political Director. Full article... Does Baxter Swilley still sound like an "independent" to you? And do you believe that the weak-willed, no-spine, gutless, politically naive Scott Lee Cohen would remain "independent" if, God forbid, he is elected governor? Or do you think it's possible that Swilley would be pulling his strings on behalf of the uber-liberal Schakowsky? RELATED: Coffee Party Astroturfer Baxter Swilley Has Missouri Roots Keyboard Militia Baxter Swilley, Astroturf Poster Boy Chicago News Bench Is Baxter Swilley the Illinois equivalent of Admiral Stockdale? Chicago Argus