Saturday, November 27, 2010

Conservative Blogger, Near Homelessness, Seeks Donations (Update 2)

The following post was originally published on Nov. 27, 2010. Please see the followup post, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." November 27, 2010 - I need your help to prevent me from becoming homeless in December. As you can imagine, this is not an easy thing to ask, especially in such a public manner -- but I am left with no choice. (Update, Dec. 20: Money and time are running out yet again. No job prospects for this over-50 guy.)

Like so many Americans, I have been looking for work for about two years but, times being as they are, it's rough. A freelance gig I had in October ended suddenly, leaving me in a very tight spot, my back against the wall, rug pulled out from under me. If you can spare the small cost of a Starbucks ($3.00 to $5.00), please click on the PayPal Button at the top right of this blog to donate easily. You could help me to cover my December rent, keep the lights on, and eat while I continue to job hunt. Time is of the essence and your help is needed now - it takes about 3 or 4 days for PayPal funds to transfer to my bank, and December 6th is when my landlord will come a'knocking. God bless you, and thanks in advance for your help. As I said, I don't I haven't much time - or any choice. I thank you, in advance, from the bottom of my heart for your help. Click the ATM button (top right) to be taken to a PayPal page, where you can safely use a major credit card to donate.