Saturday, October 30, 2010

SEIU Endorsements Tell Us Who NOT To Vote For

The Tea Party Patriots Chicago put together a good list of SEIU-endorsed candidates running in Illinois. As right-minded folks know, the corrupt SEIU's endorsement is a sure indication that a candidate is not fit for office because they are in the pocket of the union leaders and their wallets. Here is the list, which originally appeared today under the headline "at the Tea Party Patriots Chicago website as written by "Pat": Although I wanted to write a piece on who the candidates are and what they stand for, I have not had the time available to dedicate to such a task. So instead I thought of a way to generate a list of people we should be weary of. I grabbed a list of candidates who the SEIU has endorsed. This is the same SEIU who held rallies to raise our taxes. Therefore it is easy to assume that any candidate that the SEIU has endorsed will in fact have trouble with fiscal responsibility. So here is a list of SEIU endorsed candidates that probably do NOT deserve your vote: U.S. SENATOR Alexander (Alexi) Giannoulias, Democratic Party U.S. SENATOR (UNEXPIRED TERM) Alexander (Alexi) Giannoulias, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 1ST CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Bobby L. Rush, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Jesse L. Jackson, Jr, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 4TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Luis V. Gutierrez, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 5TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Mike Quigley, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 7TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Danny K. Davis, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 9TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Janice D. Schakowsky, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 11TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Deborah "Debbie" Halvorson, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 12TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Jerry F. Costello, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 14TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Bill Foster, Democratic Party U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, 17TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT Phil Hare, Democratic Party GOVERNOR / LT. GOVERNOR Pat Quinn, Democratic Party ATTORNEY GENERAL Lisa Madigan, Democratic Party SECRETARY OF STATE Jesse White, Democratic Party STATE COMPTROLLER David E. Miller, Democratic Party STATE SENATOR, 1ST STATE SENATE DISTRICT Antonio "Tony" Munoz, Democratic Party STATE SENATOR, 7TH STATE SENATE DISTRICT Heather A. Steans, Democratic Party STATE SENATOR, 13TH STATE SENATE DISTRICT Kwame Raoul, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 1ST REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Susana Mendoza, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 2ND REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Edward J. Acevedo, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 4TH REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Cynthia Soto, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 5TH REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Kenneth (Ken) Dunkin, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 11TH REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Ann M. Williams, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 27TH REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Monique D. Davis, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 32ND REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Andre Thapedi, Democratic Party STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 114TH REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT Eddie Lee Jackson, Democratic Party COUNTY CLERK, COOK COUNTY David D. Orr, Democratic Party PRESIDENT, COOK COUNTY BOARD Toni Preckwinkle, Democratic Party COOK COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 5 Deborah Sims, Democratic Party COOK COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 6 Joan Patricia Murphy, Democratic Party COMMISSIONER, COOK COUNTY BOARD OF REVIEW, DISTRICT 1 Brendan F. Houlihan, Democratic Party COMMISSIONER, METROPOLITAN WATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT Mariyana T. Spyropoulos, Democratic Party Barbara McGowan, Democratic Party