Monday, October 25, 2010

Schakowsky's Cowardly Campaign

Schakowsky, like so many other Democrats, has been both dodging and twisting the truth. Rather than face her opponent in an actual debate (rather than a non-confrontational forum), Schakowsky steadfastly refuses to debate Joel Pollak in the race for the 9th Congressional District seat in Illinois. Worse yet, Schakowsky has been running a campaign of disinformation and outright lies, as friend Keith Liscio noted in a fine column on October 24: To anyone listening to the steady stream of misinformation emanating from the campaign of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D), it would seem that she’s handily thumping her opponent, Republican nominee Joel Pollak, in debates for the 9th district seat. A recent post on her campaign website, for instance, was headlined: “Jan Trumps Pollak at KINS Debate.” There are two problems with this mischaracterization of the event, however..... Full post at Chicago Conservative Examiner. Pollak has invited Schakowsky to debate him at a Town Hall meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at 5300 W. Touhy Ave. in Skokie. Thus far, Schakowsky's campaign has not accepted. As of today, Schakowsky's campaign is still lying about it. Pollak wrote about this yesterday and offered "proof" is Schakowsky's dishonesty. An excerpt: My opponent is trying to duck Wednesday’s debate by pretending that she’s debated me already. She refused to debate all year; participated in “forums” that were explicitly not debates; then claimed credit afterwards for “debating” me (never beforehand). She’s lying to her own supporters, some of whom are calling on her to accept my invitation to debate this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Skokie Holiday Inn at 5300 W. Touhy. She wants it both ways–to avoid a real debate, while pretending she’s had one. Here’s the proof that Schakowsky is lying–the full 6-part correspondence between my campaign and hers on the subject of debates. You will note that Schakowsky’s campaign manager, Alex Armour, never once refers to the “forums” as “debates.” The invitation to debate remains open, though we have yet to receive a response.... The Pollak post then reproduces email exchanges between Schakowsky's Campaign Manager, Alex Armour, and Ashley Kain, Pollak's Campaign Manager. You can read it all here. Just a thought: Lynn Sweet reported on October 11 that "Alex Armour said that Republican Candidate Joel Pollak's statements in the debate showed clearly that his right wing views are inconsistent with the progressive values of the 9th District." Armour is partly correct about the values of the 9th District. Let's turn his statement around: Democrat Schakowsky's far left wing views are inconsistent with the mainstream and conservative values which are also present within the 9th District. Armour's statement assumes that everyone the 9th is a "progressive" who agrees that more spending and higher taxes are the solution to our current economic malaise. That is simply not true; as with any other district, there is a diversity of opinion in the 9th, where the Schakowsky support resides primarily in the eastern portion among the "lake front liberals." Visit the western portion of the 9th District and you'll see quite a lot of Pollak yard signs. In fact, as Fred Dardick wrote recently, there are at least "20 Reasons Why Jan Schakowsky is Unfit for Congress," all of which should worry every voter in the 9th District -- whether they are one of Armour's "progressives" or otherwise. RELATED: Why won't Jan Schakowsky debate? Chicago Tribune Why won't Jan Schakowsky debate Joel Pollak? HillBuzz Jan Schakowsky: First You Lose, Then You Misquote American Thinker Pollak, Schakowsky Spar Over Campaign Finance, Support of Israel Skokie Patch 20 Reasons Why Jan Schakowsky is Unfit for Congress‎ Canada Free Press (Video) Schakowsky On Defense At 10-10-10 Forum Chicago News Bench Pollak Taunts Schakowsky's Campaign Manager at Big Fundraiser Chicago News Bench