Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Book, "Piss 'Em All Off," Promises Just That

Former aldermanic candidate Don Gordon is now an author. He lost to Joe Moore in a vicious run-off election in April, 2007 up in Chicago's 49th Ward. Gordon learned a lot during that nightmarish experience, and now shares some of his knowlegde in a new book. I love the title, "Piss 'Em All Off... and other practices of the effective citizen." Gordon was something of a community activist himself before running for alderman (his main issue has always been preservation of the lakefront, especially along his beloved Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago's north side). Author Gordon will be signing copies of his new book and answering questions this coming weekend on both Saturday, October 9 from 10:00 am to Noon and also on Sunday, October 10 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. WHERE: Charmers Cafe, 1500 W. Jarvis (at Greenview) in Rogers Park, Chicago. (Very little street parking, but a short 1/2 block from the Jarvis CTA Red Line station.) The book is described by Gordon as an effort to closely examine "the five practices of being an effective citizen, showing that they are simple, require little of our time, and make a dramatic difference in how government responds." Is he talking about the Tea Party? No, not intentionally, anyway. Gordon is not a Tea Partier, but like many self-described "Democrats" he shares many of their values. Like many of those Democrats, he probably wouldn't admit this. Even so, Don Gordon is a bright man with a likable personality (I've gotten drunk with him on more than one occasion) and it would be well worth your while to meet him and check out his book. Gordon sounds Tea Party-ish in his recent media release, in which he poses these questions: "Tired of getting screwed over by a government that's out of touch? Weary of corrupt and incompetent politicians who make things worse? Frustrated by a political system that works only for the well-connected? Well don't give up! Our democracy is indeed failing, but it's you and I who are responsible. Only we can make a difference, and only if we take the time to do what is necessary. What we need is a guide that explores the practices of effective citizenship. This book is that guide." We need all the informed advice we can get these days in our troubled republic, and Don Gordon is more informed than most. But I can't help urging you to remind my friend Mr. Gordon that he should attend one or two Tea Party rallies. He would, I think, find a lot of common ground there. More about the book and the book signing here...