Monday, October 11, 2010

Mike Labno, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate (IL) Responds to Chicago Newspaper Endorsements

October 11, 2010 - It's Giannoulias versus Kirk, right? Yes, but that's only two of the three candidates. There's also Mike Labno, the Libertarian candidate, and he's not happy with the Chicago newspaper endorsements - or with the way he's been ignored. His press release today: "Mike Labno, Libertarian candidate for the US Senate, expressed disappointment today that the two major Chicago newspapers had endorsed his opponents. "I'm really not surprised, Labno said, "considering the Tribune's consistent Republican slant, and the SunTimes enduring Democrat tilt ; but considering the political mess that Illinois finds itself in from the unchallenged dominance of the those two parties, I had hoped that Libertarian principles of sound, small government, enthusiastic tax reduction, and vastly increased personal liberties would have received greater attention - particularly with the Tea Parties getting larger, and louder on these very issues." "What really gets me, though, Labno went on, "is that both papers are right in the criticisms that they level against the major party candidate that they did not endorse. The Tribune came out for Kirk, and, in so doing, said that Giannoulias was strictly a party-line man who would vote with Democratic leaders nearly 100% of the time, and that is correct. Giannoulias supports the recent "small jobs" legislation in Congress which is a repeat of the same policies that destroyed the housing market by providing implicitly backed loans, ultimately putting us - the taxpayers - at risk...again An economy grows when there are savings, wise investments, and innovation. Creating more public debt and burdening taxpayers does the exact opposite. Giannoulias will unquestioningly aid in continuing the policies of the Obama regime, which will just perpetuate the same problems we already have. " About his ethical problems, probably the less said, the better. "On the other hand, Mike Labno continued, "in endorsing Giannoulias, the SunTimes noted that in the past few years Kirk has become something of a '...mystery, exaggerating his resume, flip-flopping on some issues and refusing to take a stand on others for fear of offending any segment of voters...We no longer know who Kirk is, where he stands, or what he would do', and that, too, is correct. Kirk voted for, but now opposes TARP and Cap & Trade. He invites us to judge him on his record, but refuses to stand behind it. "About his veracity problems, probably the less said, the better. "I am not a politician, nor a banker. I work in construction, and was compelled to run out of my outrage over the spending spree that the Republicans and Democrats have been engaged in that leverages the future of my daughter and her entire generation. The people are screaming for legislators who are willing to change the outcomes by discarding the policies of the Republicans and Democrats that have grown this government to unsustainable proportions and continue to ignore the Constitution by abandoning the principal of individual rights. Both Kirk and Giannoulias promise more of the same old policies", stated Mike Labno. Mike Labno is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate. He resides in Oak Brook, IL. He is the only pro-life, pro-second amendment, fiscal and constitutional conservative on the ballot. Also See: