Friday, October 15, 2010

Michelle Obama's Polling Station Violation Not As Bad As Chicago Alderman Joe Moore's

Did Michelle Obama violate Illinois electoral law recently? Seems she did, and a big deal is being made of it by some in the media (although not enough). To residents of Chicago, however, Mrs. Obama's violation seems mild in comparison with what we've put up with as a matter of course for decades. Residents of Chicago's 49th Aldermanic Ward, in particular, are shaking their heads and laughing bitterly over Mrs. Obama's crossing of the line as they recall the way that Alderman Joe Moore blatantly broke the law in 2007. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, reported on October 15 in their Mail Online edition that Mrs. Obama "has been accused of breaching electoral law by campaigning inside a polling station. The First Lady cast her ballot for the mid-term elections in Chicago but then posed for photos and told voters to back her husband. Illinois State law prohibits anyone from campaigning inside a polling station or within 100 yards of one, so Mrs Obama appears to have broken the rules." "Appears" to have broken the rules? Some may excuse Mrs. Obama's behavior as just being friendly and posing for photos. But consider this, as the Daily Mail reported: On her way out, other voters wanted to take pictures of her and as she paused to oblige them, she could not resist a spot of campaigning.Voter Dennis Campbell, 56, said: ‘She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband's agenda going.’ The Mail guesses that it's "unlikely she will be prosecuted." That's a safe guess indeed, considering her offenses happened Chicago, a city where corrupt Democrats pat each other on the back and wink at each other knowingly when it comes to violating electoral law. Whereas it just might be believable that Michelle Obama is so stupid that she didn't realize that what she said amounted to campaigning, 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore has no such excuse. Moore blatanly and knowingly violated electoral law in the April, 2007 run-off election in Rogers Park. A well-known series of photos (right; click to enlarge) caught him in the act as poll watcher Frank Williams snapped his cell phone camera at the scene. His statement: I was a poll watcher for the Don Gordon campaign, observing the nursing home voting at the Arbour Health Care Center at 1512 W. Fargo Avenue. There were numerous voting irregularities that I observed at this facility. Foremost was the blatant electioneering conducted by Alderman Joe Moore. Moore arrived at the facility at approximately 9:30 a.m., ”prime time” for the voters standing in line after a 9:00 a.m. poll opening, and immediately started working the room, trolling for votes. Joe went through the line, shaking hands and hugging voters, introducing himself as “Alderman Joe Moore.” Joe did not limit himself to the voters, but also made it a point to introduce himself to the election judges. Joe was challenged by both the Board of Elections officials, and the State’s Attorney’s representative, about his behavior, and told to leave the facility. He ignored those officials, because he knew that, even though they would report his behavior promptly, he would be finished with his activities before anyone would arrive to physically remove him from the polling place. However, Joe was unable to dodge my cell phone camera, which caught his escapades, photos of which are appended to this report. This was just the start of the shenanigans. For example, during my time at the polling station I did not hear one voter ask for assistance. Yet, numerous voters were given “assistance,” primarily by two of the election judges, Yvonne Dickerson and William Steinfeld. Yvonne’s assistance even went so far as wheeling residents in and out of the polling area. These two election judges seemed, to me at least, to be “assisting” far beyond the limits of casting a vote as directed by the voter. There seemed to be coaxing of the voters occurring, pointing to specific areas of the ballot (although, as the voting was done behind a privacy screen, I could not see exactly where they were pointing). Even when the election judges were doing their job, Jesse Rangel from the Board of Elections stepped in to frustrate the normal process. As an example, one particular female voter, “assisted” by the election judges, could not, after ten minutes, make her vote known. Both election judges determined that the woman was incapacitated and had failed to vote. Mr. Rangel, however, would not accept this result, and had the election judges continue to “work over” the voter, until a vote was produced. When I objected to these numerous irregularities, Mr. Rangel told me that I was only allowed to observe the process. I was not to speak to anyone in the polling station, including the election judges. Were I to continue voicing my concerns, I would be removed from the polling station and arrested. Apparently, I was just to sit there and watch the electioneering, even as the officials assigned to prevent these abuses did nothing to stop them. Welcome to “democracy” in the 49th Ward! That's "democracy" in Chicago, Democrat style. We're still waiting for punitive action to be taken against Joe Moore, and we're fully aware that we'll wait until Hell freezes over. RELATED: First lady casts early ballot near her Kenwood home Chicago Sun-Times Uh-Oh… Michelle O Campaigns In Polling Place Gateway Pundit Moore's Illegal Polling Place Tactics Exposed The Broken Heart