Monday, October 18, 2010

Heather Steans Is Afraid To Debate Adam Robinson

IL State Sen. Heather Steans
Illinois State Senator Heather Steans (7th District) is a coward. A lying coward, to boot. Her latest display of spinelessness comes in the form a broken promise to debate challenger Adam Robinson in a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters. She said she would previously, but now says she won't.

Robinson's campaign manager, Caitlin Huxley, told Chicago News Bench that Steans has "backed out of any future event by refusing to name a date, location or return calls from the League of Women Voters or from us."

Steans has shown her cowardice in the past, as when she avoided a candidates forum back on January 25 just before the primaries.

As reported here by Sean Vera, Steans's Democratic challenger Jim Madigan and Republican Adam Robinson appeared at Loyola's Rogers Park campus on January 25 and debated the issues. Steans was invited but was a no-show. The debate between Robinson and Madigan was lively and civil; both men did well for themselves. It would have been nice of bank heiress and Blago-enabler Heather Steans to show up then, but that would have required courage.

Steans does not do well in a debate, you see, and after getting trounced by Madigan she seems more comfortable hiding at home. Watch videos of Jim Madigan owning Heather Steans in a debate on January 6. You almost feel sorry for the inept Steans, who could not remember one of her own bills. That's probably why she avoided another humiliating encounter on January 25.

In a press release issued today, Adam Robinson calls Steans a lying coward. I'm paraphrasing Robinson, of course. Although he did not use the phrase "lying coward," he would be justified in doing so. "Incumbent Illinois State Senator Heather Steans has reneged on an accepted invitation to participate in a town hall-style meeting with challenger Adam Robinson," says the release, which then quotes Robinson's campaign manager Caitlin Huxley. “Two weeks ago, Heather Steans called me personally to indicate that she would participate in a town hall event with Adam Robinson, so long as the event was hosted by a neutral third party,” says Huxley. “The League of Women Voters stepped up to host this event, but the Steans campaign has literally ignored all requests to set a date.”

Huxley added that "Senator Steans is backing out on an accepted invitation from the League of Women Voters." She calls it a "disturbing turn of events. It sure says a lot about how hard she’s willing to work to earn votes – not very, apparently."

Robinson said that “Senator Steans is doing a huge disservice to the residents of Edgewater, Rogers Park, Uptown, Bowmanville, Buena Park and Andersonville by refusing to participate in an open, honest discussion of critical issues facing Illinois. Voters in the 7th District should know that I remain ready to debate the issues with Senator Steans - any time, any place."

Robinson is running on a platform that calls for "policies that cut wasteful spending, increase jobs, and promote transparency." Find out more at