Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Chuckie The Clown" Wojtowicz

Recently, I published a post about the organizer of a rogue Tea Party group called "Chicago Tea Patriots" who is currently under court supervision after being found guilty in June, 2010 of committing telephone harassment in 2009. (See "Exclusive: Chicago Tea Patriots Organizer Found Guilty") Her name is Catherina Wojtowicz. She works in Bill Brady's campaign office in Oak Lawn. Since I posted about her guilty plea, Wojtowicz has been "defending" herself by calling me a liar and making outrageously false allegations about me and others.
For those of you who doubt that Wojtowicz is a menace, have a look at an email that she sent to a Tea Party coordinator in July, 2010. I have changed names to protect those people's privacy, but will say that one of the 10 recipients of this email was Adam Andrzejewski (he had nothing to do with this email except that he received it). Some of the email has been omitted for the same reasons. (It should be noted that this email is not part of the harassment case in which Wojtowicz was found guilty.) Have a look inside the mind of Catherina Wojtowicz. To paraphrase Jim Morrison, her brain is squirming like a toad. (Wojtowicz's spelling, grammar and logic errors have been left intact; my emphasis added.) READER ADVISORY: LANGUAGE From: catherina6429@gmail.com To: 10 recipients; unknown if any were blind copied Sent: 7/13/2010 1:29:33 A.M. Subj: Misguided TEA people...so sad Maria, You gotta be fucking kidding me... Do you really want to take ME on? Let's make this official... I am taking several roads. #1 I am going to talk to my boyfriend's sister. She's a brilliant nerd who practices law for [a well-known Chicago law firm] and if I have a case, I am going to sue your white, trash, suburban ass. #2 I am going to the media on this... Already did -- sort of... Listen, Maria, you are a great sexy story,... #3 I am going on the frontal attack on you and my attacks will be relentless. I will make scud missles look mild. I will not give up whatsoever. I will be your Chuckie the Clown. Where ever you go, I will be fucking you up. These I promise. WTF are you thinking...? During the primaries all you did was blush about how big of a fan you were of Adam's. What did you do to show him your support? Fuck all. And now you CONSTANTLY THROW HIS NAME AROUND AS IF YOU TALK TO HIM REGUALRLY. Maria, that is a top rule in politics -- don't use people's name -- you'll get caught. Adam, she's done jack for you. You know it. Oh wait... She sent her mules, John and David to MY tea party where Walesa appeared and they totally made idiots of themselves by jumping the stage and talking about Illinois Tea... It was so bad and just so plain nuts that I had to ask one of my neighbors who was a cop on duty to take John to the side and threaten his ass with arrest!!! And what does Maria do while she sits her ass at home, she steals the youtubes and puts them on her web site as is she was involved. Once again, Maria, as usual, had nothing to do with the Lech Walesa tea party as she has nothing to do with anything good and positive. So this is my recommendation. Quit your fucking whorish slumming and talking trash about all of us who don't work with you. We have nothing to do with you for a real. YOU ARE FUCKING QUACK!!!! Back the fuck off. You best pray I can sue you becausae otherwise I will even the score the South Side way and it won't be nice.... Either way, I best not find any of you using my name. See you in court, if I have my way, bitch. >>> Wojtowicz sent a followup email about an hour after this one. SEE THAT ONE HERE: Another Threatening Email From Catherina Wojtowicz