Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black Tea Party Attendee Blames Democrats For Destruction Of Black Communities And Much More

(Video below) His name is "Paul" and he was the hit of the Bloomington-Normal Tea Party Patriots event on Sunday, September 26. Watch Paul, a plain-spoken Chicagoan, stun the group with his powerful words. Here is a Black American speaking to a group that happens to be mostly White, and he is warmly welcomed. His message is right in synch with their patriotic values. Paul is the kind of Black voter, newly awakened, that has the Democrats scares witless, not only because he refuses to follow them blindly but because he represents the growing number of non-White Americans who are joining the Tea Party movement. CNN, MSNBC and others don't talk about guys like Paul because it would destroy the false racist myth of the Tea Party that they love to perpetuate. Diane Sroka Benjamin is an organizer of the BNTPP and shared this video with me on Facebook with this note: "Tom - do you know this guy? He spoke Sunday at my TEA Party and blew the crowd away!" I wrote back that I don't know "Paul" but I think he's awesome. We need more Americans like Paul regardless of ethnicity or background. Paul is a free thinking, freedom loving citizen who sees through the B.S. and tells it like it is. If this man runs for Mayor of Chicago, let me know. He's got my vote.