Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Threatening Email From Catherina Wojtowicz

LANGUAGE ADVISORY As promised, here is the followup (below) to the threatening email sent by Catherina Wojtowicz that we published in "Chuckie The Clown" Wojtowicz" on Tuesday, October 5. Wojtowicz is the organizer of a shunned Tea Party group in Chicago area, called "Chicago Tea Patriots." Wojtowicz was found guilty this summer of committing telephone harassment and is currently under court supervision. Wojtowicz works in the campaign office of Republican gubernatorial candidatee Bill Brady in Oak Lawn, Illinois. In our Oct. 5 post, we saw the first threatening email sent by Wojtowicz to a Tea Party leader in Illinois. She sent that one at 1:29 am on July 13, 2010. Not satisfied with the amount of venom she had already spewed, Wojtowicz blasted off another hateful email less than 30 minutes later. The full text appears below. The July 13 emails are not connected to the guilty verdict in the telephone harassment case, but indicate a pattern of disturbing behavior. Note that "Chicago Tea Patriots" should NOT be confused with the Chicago Tea Party (aka, Tea Party Patriots of Chicago), which is part of Tea Party Patriots of Illinois. Chicago Tea Patriots was booted out of Tea Party Patriots of Illinois for, among other offenses, some particularly vile behavior (see "Rogue "Chicago Tea Party Patriots" Must Be Shunned"). Here is the second email, sent to "Maria" (not her real name). As with our previous post, we have left intact all of Wojtowicz's misspellings, poor grammar and twisted logic.
From: To: [9 recipients; unknown if any were blind copied] Sent: 7/13/2010 1:56:28 A.M. Subj: Misguided TEA sad One more thing, you lunatic. For the record, your problem with me was pure jealousy. You feared that I was a threat upon your perceived power base. Don't worry, doll, I never wanted ANYTHING you have! You are a failure at what you do -- why would I want to be associated with you? And this isn't my opinion, it is that of many, Maria. Now that we have the Illinois Tax Day Tea Party there's competition in your eyes, but you needn't worry, we live worlds apart. We are doers, you are a bunch of bullshitters. Seriously, answer the million dollar question, "What have you done?" ASIDE FROM CONFERENCE CALLS. I am now done and have vetted you as a CERTIFIABLE WASHED UP LUNATIC!! I respectably dedicate this song to you, Maria. Remember, when they laugh at you, all respect is lost. LADIES AND GENLEMEN, WELCOME TO MARIA’S LIFE! VALLEY OF THE DOLLS!! A WASHED UP, BITTER SUBURBAN MOM, WITH ONLY DREAMS TO HOLD ONTO BECAUSE HER PRESENT IS SO FUCKING DEPRESSING. Don't be scared, Maria, your life could always be more pathetic... I think.... NOTE: It's interesting that Wojtowicz wrote, "You are a failure at what you do -- why would I want to be associated with you?" The primary reason for her hateful emails was precisely because she did, in fact, desperately want to be associated with Tea Party Patriots of Illinois. When they kicked her out, she reacted as we see in her emails. It's a bit like a rejected lover who suddenly sees the former object of their affection as something to be hated. In a fit of spiteful rhetoric, the jilted lover falsely screams, "I never loved you anyway!" They did, of course, but the rejection sends them over the edge, and sometimes they end up boiling rabbits. RELATED: Beware Chicago's Fake Tax Day Tea Party Event