September 1, 2010

(Video Mashup) Joel Pollak Taunts Schakowsky's Campaign Manager at Big Fundraiser

I ran into Alex Armour, Jan Schakowsky's campaign manager, today. He was quietly lurking off to the side of a small group of protesters across from the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. Video below; click images to enlarge I actually said hello to him. I asked him, jokingly, if he was going inside to watch the speechifying at the Joel Pollak fundraiser. He said no, the admission was too expensive. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was the special guest, and the protesters were ostensibly there because they don't like Ryan's Roadmap For America's Future. Of course, the whole thing was orchestrated by Armour. An SEIU hack who seems to be at all events even remotely related to Schakowsky was coaching the mostly-elderly protesters in the fine art of holding their signs and looking angry. Armour got into the event free, however, and with the full consent of the Pollak campaign (for the sake of accuracy, he did not sit or eat while in the room). While Armour was inside, busily texting away on his iPhone, some of the protesters tried to crash the luncheon. Here, with the permission of the Pollak campaign, is a video I made using excerpts from one by the Pollak For Congress campaign today (see theirs here). I mashed it together with their photos of Alex Armour, my photos of Jan Schakowsky and of today's protesters, and my own video of the protesters today still chanting at the moment they were quickly ejected from the luncheon (they never made it past the door). 400 people attended the luncheon and $150,000 was raised.


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