Friday, September 10, 2010

She Watched The Towers Burned on 9-11

Here is a moving recollection of flying into New York on September 11, 2001 and watching in horror - out of an airplane window - as the World Trade Center towers were in flames. Liz Carter is the Republican nominee running for Congress against incumbent Hank Johnson (D-GA-04) in the Atlanta metro area. The pilot announced, “It’s a clear day and we are just passing over Manhattan. If you look out the window you will see….” His voice trailed off as I stared out my window in shock. A plane had just hit The World Trade Center Tower and smoke was starting to bellow into the air. As confusion reigned, nobody knew what exactly was happening... A series of announcements from a pilot who was clearly in shock. “We are not quite sure what type of aircraft has hit the tower,” “Ladies and gentleman we have just learned the tower has been hit by a commercial jet,” “Please stay calm as we attempt to find out what is happening,” “A second plane has hit The World Trade Center,” and then something happened. I tried to reflect on my life, but memories of my father’s teachings about our Country, my America, rushed into my head. I felt my core wrench in disbelief upon the realization that something was very wrong. Read all of Liz Carter's blog post here... You may remember Carter's opponent Johnson as the Congressman who feared that the island of Guam would "capsize and sink" if more military personnel were housed there.