Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rockford Tea Party Calls Out City's New HR Director

Something's rotten in Rockford, and here is an important message from the Rockford Tea Party about it. The good people of that fine city should be up in arms over the abuse of taxpayers' and voters' trust. RTP's coordinator David Hale wrote this impassioned email blast on September 7, 2010: UPDATE: The bus to D.C. has NOT been cancelled. The bus will still go to D.C. for the Sept. 12 National Tea Party. Details and registration here. The City of Rockford has a new Director of Human Resources: Julia Scott-Valdez. She was receiving $80,000 yearly from the Rockford Taxpayer for her salary as Deputy City Administrator. On top of that, average benefits to such a position totaled around $45,000 yearly. Shocking enough as that is, as the new Director of HR for the City of Rockford, she is demanding a match of that salary for taking on the position of HR Director an increase of 42 percent to around $114,000. If she doesn't get it Mayor Morrissey is saying that it would open the City of Rockford up to a discrimination lawsuit. So the city would be sued costing taxpayers $100's of $1000's of dollars if they don't pony up the salary, and we would not only pay for the court costs and lawyers costs, but we would also pay for the lawsuit itself. Shocking yes...but here's the real shock. How many employees of the City of Rockford are making more than $100,000 yearly when our unemployment rate sits at 21 percent and the average worker doesn't even make $50,000 yearly. Now why is it that we have a Tea Party? Because we are racists and bigots and want to deprive Blacks of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as some Black Leaders in Rockford would have you believe? Or is it because of reasons like this one? Are you listening Ventia Hervey? Folks, we have got to stop this madness from two sides of the same coin. We are called racist because we exist which is the means muting us when we demand fiscal responsibility in our Government. When we're muted, they are able to run roughshod over not only our pocketbooks but over our Constitution. The Government we elected! If I was Mayor there would be a lot of people fired. Of course they could be rehired at a salary more consistent with the local economy. We here in Rockford are not immune to the Taxpayer Abuse by Public Servants. [Some related - and alarming - headlines:] Government Spending Teacher's Paid: It's just a myth: 'underpaid' teachers Illinois Top 100 Government Teacher Salaries 2009 Education In America: Liberalism's Failed Legacy Pensions: Things you won’t hear from Governor Quinn: Federal Pay: Federal workers earning double their private counterparts Public pension double dipping is an invitation to cronyism: editorial Unemployment Rising Homes Devalued: US Homeowner Confidence Drops in Second Quarter Please call the mayor's office [email:] and your local Alderman and demand fiscal responsibility in Rockford Government. The Fall of Our Republic Won't happen by any one Act but by the cuts of a 1000 knives. These recent headlines should give us all pause. Click Here for eVoter. NEXT MEETING: At our next RockfordTeaParty meeting we will discuss the vote we did with the mock ballot based upon the candidates on the ballot at the eVoter website. We will give the results of that vote and that will be the official Rockford Tea Party Vote for this November Election. We will post it publicly and contact media regarding this vote with Press Releases. If you would like to add your vote to the mix please go to eVoter and plug your address and zip code in, print the ballot and vote on paper. We will have a ballot pick up date this week in the parking lot of Heartland Church at Colonial Village at 12 noon near the Parking Garage and once again next week at 12 noon. Our next meeting will take place [in late September/early October] and will most likely be the last meeting this year. This meeting will cover some important information for voting, for our Pre-election Day protest and post election planning. Please come to this next meeting. It will be our last one this year. Watch for one of our next emails for day and time announcements. We will discuss in full the idea of a Pre-Election Protest so please collect and gather your thoughts now. We are also mulling an election night Tea Party Party...your thoughts and feedback over this idea would be appreciated. Why come to a Tea Party meeting to figure out that you are committed to voting? Family. We are a family. We are a community of people that want to see America changed, and the way we do that is with committed participants who support each other and support a massive sweeping change in America this November. Investing your time in a Tea Party Meeting translates into waking up on November 2nd and going to the polls and voting. Attending Tea Party meetings is a commitment to vote. Invest your time and you wont waste your vote. Pledge yourself to vote by coming to the next Tea Party meeting.