Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lunch With Anita MonCrief, Dick Armey at Right Nation 2010

The Right Nation 2010 bloggers had lunch with three heroes of the conservative movement today. It's part of the Activist Training Conference segment of RN2010 at the Marriott Chicago Northwest, which preceeds this evening's huge convention featuring Glenn Beck and Andrew Brietbart. Anita MonCrief is a former ACORN staff member-turned-whistleblower. She talked about her days with ACORN and the corruption and voter fraud that she witnessed while part of that organization. After lunch, Anita is a featured speaker at one of the seminars. Hers is concentrating on election fraud and how to recognize and fight it. Dick Armey, a former Congressman from Texas (18 years of service) and the current chairman of Freedom Works, added his usual dose of down-home humor to a brief talk that spanned a wide spectrum of topics. Like Anita MonCrief, he is also concerned about voter fraud. "If there's a Democrat in the race," he said, "you can expect at least five percent voter fraud." Armey cautioned that current "heroes" of the conservative movement cannot "do it alone" and that they need your support.