Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hayes Has Plan To Bring Jobs To IL 2nd Cong. District

Chicago - Republican nominee for Illinois 2nd Congressional District Isaac Hayes released the following "Jobs Plan" to create employment and economic development. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. continues to sell the citizens of Illinois Second District the promise of “the airport is coming.” Sixteen years later we are still waiting. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for some in the Second District exceeds 30%. We need someone who can do more than one thing at a time. People need jobs today, not ten years from now. More specifically, the Second District needs jobs in the Second District and not the Eleventh District. While the airport could certainly bring some regional investment, the residents of South Shore and Hegewisch need jobs in Chicago and not Peotone. I have long called for incentivizing manufacturing jobs to our district. Because of the failed policies of the last sixteen years, the Pullman community has suffered through a 30% unemployment rate. Today, they have hope of economic development because of the recently approved Wal-Mart - which I supported from the beginning. This development will bring $1 billion in investment and 12,000 jobs. However, we need more than Wal-Mart. Pullman was once a manufacturing powerhouse and can once again help America become a producer-nation by manufacturing green technology. This site once provided 12,000 jobs. Chicago Heights is another community in the Second District that has experienced unemployment upwards of 20%. I have supported this community as a prime location for one of President Obama’s clean coal plants from the 2009 Recovery Act that would bring $1 billion in investment and 2,000 jobs. [Editor's Note: See "Gangs, Crime, and Unemployment"at ProgressIllinois.] For the past 16 years the members of the South Shore Community have experienced poverty, failing schools and gang violence. This community houses the former U.S. Steel South Works facility. Through tax incentives we can bring manufacturing jobs back to this site. U.S. Steel once employed close to 20,000 people. Instead of using TIF dollars we can provide companies who move to economically distressed communities like South Shore with a lower tax rate as an incentive to bring jobs to our district. America has the second highest corporate tax rate in the world at 38%. I support lowering that rate to 25% for companies that are willing to invest in under-served communities. Expediting the I-57 connection to I-94 will also bring an economic boon to the communities of Dixmoor, Harvey and Posen. It is a clear choice for the members of the Second District. Wait for an airport in another Congressional district and hope to get a few of the promised jobs, or support a vision to bring twice that number right to our own district. This is in addition to my plan to encourage entrepreneurship by waiving federal taxes on small businesses for one year. I can do more than one thing at a time and my Jobs Plan is comprehensive. More importantly, those jobs will be right in the Second District and not 35 miles away. Contact: Janet D. Restivo - janet@isaac4honesty.com - 312-504-4085