Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Quickies (Reading for Hangovers)

Here are a few items that I just wanted to call your attention to on this Friday night. Too busy dancing at the club just now? Book mark them for some happy hangover reading this weekend. Schakowsky's Astroturf vs. Joel Pollak: It was hard to keep track of the astroturfers outside of Joel Pollak's fundraiser... Bill Kelly Running for Alderman in Chicago's Gold Coast: He has a little media empire, but his call to service led him to run for Illinois Comptroller. He lost, but he's not out of the game. You can't keep a good talk show host down... Fear of Palin Exposes Feminists as Useful Idiots: Charity begins at home. The intelligent-deficient need aid, too.... Wary of tea party, GOP attacks Senate candidate: We must remember that the Republican Party is a cautious and reluctant ally of the Tea Party movement. The GOP is not the ideal. It is merely the lesser of two evils... The irony of Jesse Jackson's stripped SUV: The Revolting Jesse Jackson’s Cadillac SUV was stripped while he was in Detroit promoting green jobs. That's right: His SUV. He was promoting green jobs.... Democrat won't apologize for joke about Pelosi: Funniest joke I heard all week, actually... Violence Soaked AFL-CIO Prez Calls Palin a McCarthyite? Oh, the cynical irony... Progressives Against Progress: The rise of environmentalism poisoned liberals’ historical optimism... Right Nation 2010's Incredible Lineup of Participants: Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, Cisco Cotto, Chicago News Bench, Teri O'Brien, Cedra Crenshaw, Adam Andrzejewski, and many more... Hangover Cures: Here's one from the list: Take a shower; it will feel pretty good, and when you throw up in there, you have less cleaning to do...