Exclusive: 9/21 Shooting in Uptown Was A Drive-By (Photos)

18 Hours Later, Sidewalk Still Bloody
Sept. 22, 2010 - Chicago - Last night's 6:00 p.m. shooting in Uptown was a drive-by. Two people were struck by bullets in front of Midtown Medical Center, 4527 North Sheridan Road (at the intersection of West Windsor Avenue). Nobody else is reporting this, but an eyewitness told Chicago News Bench today that the gunfire came from a "grayish" car as it drove southbound on Sheridan past the medical office. The witness said that there were "at least three people in the car." After the shooting, the car turned right onto West Sunnyside Avenue (see map) and made a U-turn. It then drove back, northbound, and passed through the scene of the shooting. Police were already arriving as the shooter's car passed by the second time, the witness said. There was no more gunfire after the first shots on the car's first pass. "They just drove right on through," the witness said, "because the police didn't know yet that this was the shooter's car. I told them what I saw, and then they started looking for that car." A readers tells us that the CAPS Beat 2312 meeting was told that police were on the crime scene in seconds because they were just up the street already. What the CAPS meeting was not told, however, was that the shooter casually drove right past them. The account that the witness gave Chicago News Bench today jives with what we reported last night. In our report, we said that the police are searching for a suspect "Pregnant Girl, Man Shot In Uptown"). whose name is Lonnie White, a Gangster Disciple and who "may be driving a silver/gray mid-sized Buick." Again, we are the only ones to have reported this so far. Note: Unlike Uptown Update, I actually get off my fat butt and walk the streets in search of information. We like commenters, but we don't like to rely on rumor and innuendo from anonymous emails. That's not journalism. It's gossip.
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