Updated: Chicago Tea Patriots Organizer Found Guilty

The organizer of a rogue Tea Party group called "Chicago Tea Patriots" is under court supervision since she was found guilty in June, 2010 of committing telephone harassment in 2009.

Update, Oct. 5, 2010: Also see ""Chuckie The Clown" Wojtowicz" - Portions of a vicious and threatening email sent by Wojtowicz.

Her name is Catherina Wojtowicz, and she works in the Oak Lawn campaign office of Illinios Senator Bill Brady, Republican nominee for governor. Brady, we're told, is aware of her bad behavior. Chicago News Bench has obtained a copy of Catherina Wojtowicz's Criminal Sentence Order (Case Number 2009CM006375-0001) dated June 17, 2010. Click here to see the Criminal Sentence Order.

Wojtowicz pleaded, and was found to be, guilty of "harassment by telephone." That's a violation of 720 ILCS 135/1-1 and is a Class B Misdemeanor. Wojtowicz was "sentenced to Court supervision" for one year, during which time she must "appear before the Court in person as directed." The sentence was handed down in the Circuit Court of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois in DuPage County.

The source who provided the Criminal Sentence Order says that Bill Brady is fully aware of Wojtowicz's behavior. "Brady is afraid of Catherina," said our source, "which is why she's still working for his campaign." It was not specified whether Brady is afraid of being slandered by Wojtowicz or considers her to be a potential physical threat.

Wojtowicz was accused by blogger Chuck Jines of Streetwise Pundi of threatening to shoot him(Note/Update: The Streetwise Pundit has removed and/or lost all references to Catherina Wojtowicz, but see the related note about this below.)

Wojtowicz's group was once part of the Tea Party Patriots Illinois until it was kicked out and excommunicated in 2009 for bad behavior in a notorious incident at a town hall meeting by U.S. Rep Dan Lipinski (D-IL) on November 14, 2009. There, Wojtowicz's group heckled Midge Hough, whose 24-year old daughter in law died nine weeks before the meeting. The daughter in law's unborn baby died with her. She blamed the death on a lack of health insurance and made comments supportive of Obama's health care "reform." The Wojtowicz group then mocked her, bringing the woman to tears. A video of that town hall went viral and has gotten more than 120,000 views on YouTube. Midge Hough's portion begins at 1:47 into the video.

I, too, am against "Obamacare." However, like 99.9999% of my fellow Tea Partiers, I would never heckle a political opponent by mocking the death of a loved one. That's not right. It is disgusting behavior and goes counter to the beliefs and morals of the Tea Party movement. The behavior of rogues like Catherina Wojtowicz is not typical of the movement, but gives a lot of fuel to those who try to paint us as savage cretins. We are not, but there are bad apples in every basket. We must toss them out like the rotten fruit that they are.

NOTE: Do not confuse the outcast "Chicago Tea Patriots" with the legitmate "Tea Party Patriots Chicago" (TPPC), a legitimate and authentic chapter of Illinois Tea Party Patriots (ITPP). They, in turn, are part of the nationwide Tea Party Patriots. This should not be difficult to remember: Wojtowicz's group does not have the word "Party" in its name.

Even without her illegal bullying tactics, Wojtowicz is an embarassment to the Tea Party movement, as noted by Capital Fax. But Wojtowicz unwittingly demonstrates her own bizarre mentality daily in her weird postings on Twitter. One of my favorites is this:
Log cabin drop out, @chinewsbench, fronts 4 boytoy steve. ChicagoTeaPatriots sells most tix of all! http://tiny.cc/ChicagoTeaHostsGlennBeck 10:24 PM Sep 6th via web
For the record, I have no boytoy. I am not gay. I've never been a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. Not that there would anything wrong with that, mind you.

NOTE: Chuck Jines is "Streetwise Pundit" and he has multiple blogs, including "Republic Affair." On April 11, 2011, he posted this at republicaffair.com, in a criticism of the Tea Party movement:

"Then we have the Glenn Beck show with its own brand of crazy,  followed by the strange history of David Barton that causes most people to scratch their heads in bewilderment.  Here in Chicago we even have our own local crazy with, Catherina Wojtowicz, who threatened to shoot me in the head, and has gone on to build a history of harassment and strange behavior."

On Sept. 20, 2011, Jines claimed on Republic Affair that "StreetWisePundit was hacked and I lost years worth of content" and added "This is what I was able to recover on ol’ Catherina Wojtowicz. Chicago Tea Party Leader Threatens to Shoot Blogger." He then reproduced the text from that 2009 post. You can see it at this page. But here's the weird part: When I searched for "Wojtowicz" on Streetwise Pundit on May 27, 2012, it produced nothing. It seems very odd that the Wojtowicz update was not added to Streetwise Pundit, and that all reference to her was, apparently, removed. 

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