Thursday, September 9, 2010

Convicted Felon Advising Schakowsky Campaign (No Doubt)

It is well known by now that Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) is married to a convicted felon named Robert Creamer, and he is actively advising her re-election campaign. In the following press release (below) from the Pollak For Congress campaign, they address this in what I consider to be overly cautious tones. There is no doubt that Felon Creamer is advising the campaign: He sleeps with its candidate, after all, and whether his role in the campaign is "official" or not, he's giving advice. The photos here were taken at an Obama - Schakowsky rally on July 27, 2008 at the Broadway Armory on Chicago's North Side. Schakowsky was the featured speaker. Creamer was busy kibbitzing with political operatives and carrying papers around the armory throughout the event. He's been an active part of his wife's campaigns for years, regardless of any official campaign role. Here's the Pollak release: September 9, 2010 - Niles, Illinios - New evidence has emerged that convicted felon Robert Creamer, husband of incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky, is actively advising his wife’s campaign in the 9th congressional district. Creamer, who went to federal prison in 2006 after pleading guilty to charges of bank fraud and tax evasion, inadvertently revealed his role in the Schakowsky campaign in a column he wrote this week in the Huffington Post. “To win this fall,” Creamer wrote, “Democrats...have to assure that the election is not about the ‘effectiveness’ of Democratic policies -- but whose side a candidate is on.” [Source: Huffington Post] Creamer added that “voters make political decisions by asking the closely related question of whether you are on ‘my side.’ Whose side is a candidate on? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Does he represent good guys or bad guys?” Schakowsky’s new campaign slogan is: “Fighting On Our Side.” Joel Pollak, the Republican nominee for the 9th congressional seat, noted the evidence that Creamer is advising his wife’s campaign. “Robert Creamer’s political consulting firm, Strategic Consulting Group, proudly lists ‘Jan Schakowsky for Congress (D-IL)’ as a client,” Pollak said. “Her new slogan comes right out of his political playbook. “The people of the 9th congressional district ought to know that their representative is using a convicted felon to drive her message.” Pollak added that Schakowsky’s slogan is offensive and divisive. “Schakowsky and Creamer know that they cannot run on Democratic policies, so they are running a negative and divisive campaign. Who’s ‘fighting’? Are we in a civil war? Whatever happened to President Obama’s post-partisan ideal? Jan Schakowsky is desperate, and is trying to polarize this district to stay in office. It’s time for her to go.” RELATED: Glenn Beck on Jan Schakowsky's Robber-Baron Husband Convicted Felon Attacks Opponents of Obamacare Schakowsky's Shameful, Despicable Husband Corruptocrats for Obama Joe Moore's Loans to a Criminal Twilight Zone 60626