Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Quote About Schakowsky We've Seen All Week

We found this on the Pollak For Congress website:
"What's the difference? Jan Schakowsky is proud to vote 'whatever Charlie Rangel votes.' Joel Pollak is prepared to be representative of his constituents." ~ Michael J. Hanley, Park Ridge, Daily Herald
Mr. Hanley's comment was in a letter to the editor of the Herald on Sept. 7. He also wrote: Last summer I tried to attend the town hall meeting sponsored by U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky at Niles West High School. It was "sold out." What I later learned was that the meeting was filled with members of the Service Employees International Union and other activists bused in who were rowdy, intimidating and disruptive. Today, Joel Pollak had a fundraiser where his supporters were respectful, educated and, more importantly, residents of the 9th Congressional District. Mr. Hanley managed, in one short letter, to sum up the difference not only between Schakowsky and Pollak, but between their supporters as well. ALSO SEE: SEIU's Jan Schakowsky Must Be Scared to Death of Joel Pollak Windy Citizen Goonmaster Jan Schakowsky Must Be Scared to Death of Joel Pollak Chicago Daily Observer Pollak/Paul Ryan vs. Chicago SEIU/ACORN Schakowsky Backyard Conservative Schakowsky Town Hall Backyard Conservative Schakowsky's Astroturf vs. Joel Pollak Chicago Tea Party 9th District Candidate Takes on Powerhouse Evanston Patch