Monday, August 2, 2010

The Witch Is Dead: Cappelman Statement On Shiller Retirement

46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller proved long-standing rumors true by confirming that she will not run for re-election in February, 2011. Candidate James Cappelman issued this puzzlingly tepid response: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 46th Ward Alderman Candidate James Cappleman Statement On Alderman Shiller’s Retirement Monday August 2nd, 2010 CHICAGO: “We have learned this morning that Ald. Shiller has chosen not to run for reelection. My first memory of Ald. Shiller was witnessing her as a strong advocate for those living with HIV, during the time when the general public had such strong fears and prejudice toward those with this disease. Her support helped open the eyes of others to realize that help was sorely needed. "It’s clear that the ward was seeking a change and Ald. Shiller knew that was the case. We need someone in office who is more focused on open communication and community input. Residents living in apartments, shelters, condos, and affordable housing also wanted a more proactive response to crime in the ward. “Now is the time for true change and reform. We should not repeat our mistakes from the past, but take this opportunity to choose an alderman who knows the community well and has a track record of accomplishments improving the ward. I will continue to fight for the people of the 46th ward because we deserve better." The ward also deserves an alderman who is willing to call a witch a witch. Cappelman completely avoided calling out Shiller for her abuse of TIF funds, her confrontational attitude toward the police, and her importation of more than the ward's share of Section 8 and mental patients. Shiller single handedly turned the 46th Ward into one of the largest open air, no-walls insane asylums in the world. Mr. Cappelman offers praise for the woman that one would have expected him to savage in a debate, yet all he says about her departure is "Her support helped open the eyes of others to realize that help was sorely needed." Helen Shiller used those who needed help in a cynical and successful bid over 20 years to build her political duchy in Uptown, and Mr. Cappelman knows that. Much of the crime in Uptown is due directly to Shiller's coddling of the criminal element and those who nurture the violent ones. She may have helped others realize that help was "sorely needed," but that help remains sorely lacking. If it were up to Helen Shiller, all of the 46th Ward would have become a gargantuan public housing project. Fortunately, she only partly succeeded in achieving that part of her utopian dream. Cappelman's campaign website is