Monday, August 2, 2010

Pat Brady Prunes Rose From Chicago Young Republicans

August 2, 2010 - Last week, Illinois Chairman Pat Brady forced the resignation of Jeremy Rose from his position as Exec. Director of the Cook County Republican Party. Today we learn that Brady has also forced Rose out of his position as President of the Chicago Young Republicans. Rose is replaced by Meredyth Richards as the new President (photo). Did Pat Brady take the advice of Chicago News Bench? We'd like to think so, but the thought processes within the GOP leadership seems so befuddled that it's hard to tell. Anyway, bittersweet hat tip to the Huffington Post for beating me by about an hour on this: At the behest of Illinois Republican Party Chair Pat Brady, the president of the Chicago Young Republicans has been ousted amid a growing scandal for the state GOP. An allegation of sexual misconduct against CYR President Jeremy Rose -- and the alleged cover-ups, blind eyes turned and retributions made in its wake -- resulted in Rose vacating the post Monday. Chairman Brady said Rose's continued involvement with the Young Republicans was "a distraction to what we're trying to accomplish." In addition to being the longtime CYR president, Rose was hired by Cook County Republican Party chairman Lee Roupas as political director in 2009. He was promoted in early 2010 to CCRP Executive Director, though Roupas knew full well of the allegations against Rose. More at HuffPo... Questions remain: When will Pat Brady also force the resignation of Lee Roupas for his role in the covering up of the alleged sex scandal and also for the disgusting way in which he and Rose conspired to overthrow the elected leadership of the Chicago Republican Party? For that matter, when will Pat Brady step down? After all, like Lee Roupas, Pat Brady also knew "full well" of the allegations against Rose for months and months, yet he was content to let it slide until the pressure from the blogs and his own party members became too much to bear. Pat Brady deserves the same contempt for this coverup as does anybody else. Note to Ms. Richards: You might want to replace the "Message From The President" blog entry, dated July 17, at the CYR website. It's from your predecesor. RELATED: Chicago News Bench entries under "Jeremy Rose"