Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama Visit To Gulf Coast Too Little, Too Late

Comrade Obama dragged wife Michelle and daughter Sasha down to the Gulf Coast, sort of, on Sunday, August 15. It was a very short visit. Very, very short: He was in Panama City Beach, Fla for a whole 26 hours. The whole thing was a feeble and half-hearted attempt to promote Gulf Coast tourism, months later than he should have, and to show people that he really, really cares about the people in that region. Obama could have made this effort in late June, no? We called for people to visit the Gulf Coast on July 5. What took Obama so long to do this, and why such a lame effort when he did? Had he done this months ago, perhaps - just maybe - it would have helped a few thousand small businesses in the region to avoid total economic catastrophe. It would have been more convincing had he embarked on an actual tour of the region for three or four days instead of holing up briefly in a Marriott Hotel, and played less miniature golf. Perhaps the reason he doesn't spend much time down there is that he humidity is bad for his teleprompter. RELATED: Obama fakes a swim in the Gulf‎ Daily Mail A Boat Ride, Ice Cream and an Early Exit ‎ABC News (blog) Morning Bell: The Gulf Recovery Obama Does Not Want to See‎