August 16, 2010

Louis Farrakhan Goons Invading Uptown

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I almost forgot: On Saturday afternoon I was en route to the new Target store in Chicago's violent Uptown neighborhood.

As I exited the Wilson CTA train station, I walked south toward the ironically named big box retailer.

My eyes zeroed in on a very unusual sight for Uptown: A well-dressed man. In a well-tailored suit, no less.

There he stood, tall and distinguished looking, as drunks, bums, overly-medicated mental patients, prostitutes and various other supporters of lame-duck Alderman Helen Shiller staggered around him. As I got to within perhaps 100 feet of the suited man, I realized that he was selling a newspaper of some kind. He was selling "The Final Call" for a dollar a copy. That's the lunatic racist publication of the lunatic racist Nation Of Islam (NOI), headed by the lunatic racist Louis Farrakhan. The Final Call reflects the insane bigotry and hateful ideology of the NOI. Sample some of that sweetness by listening to this video of a Farrakhan speech. In the video, you can almost hear Farrakhan drool in a Pavlovian anticipation of America's destruction by means of super-dooper fighter planes from his orbiting "Mother Wheel" or "Mother Ship" spaceship. I'm not making this up: It's the doctrine of NOI. The purpose of the Mother Plane is "to destroy the most wicked place ever to be on the planet Earth at any time America, the Great Mystery Babylon)." Did I mention that the Nation of Islam is very anti-America? Well, it is, and it's followers dream lustfully of America's destruction.

Listen to Farrakhan himself explain the Mother Plane, and then get another explanation from this scholar. Farrakhan teaches his hate-filled minions that the White man is the devil. Oh yes, the Devil.

NOI's founder Elijah Muhammad is dead but rumored to be wandering around with an estimated 70 virgins on the Mother Plane. He tells us about the White Devil in this video. Also read this amusing statement from Elijah Muhammad, in which he says that "The Mother Plane is made of the finest steel in Asia." I've reproduced a section of the detailed description of the Mother Plane (below) as posted under the "Supreme Wisdom Department" on the Nation of Islam's website.

Another video, posted by one of Farrakhan's damaged minions, is described as follows: "This lecture is called THE ORIGIN OF THE WHITE RACE AND THE MAKIN [sic] OF THE DEVIL delivered by The Honerable [sic] Minister Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryam on April 23rd 1989 in Chicago Illionis [sic]" It's a frightening lecture, and this racist crap is now being sold on the corners of W. Wilson and N. Broadway in Uptown. If you should see one of Farrakhan's well-dressed goons hawking his racist newspaper, ask yourself how you would feel if he was a well-dressed White guy selling a publication of the equally hateful Ku Klux Klan. RELATED: Farrakhan: Blacks are True Children of Israel The Final Call Farrakhan continues to uncover Jewish role in Black suffering The Final Call The Problem with the "Nation of Islam"- by Michael Young Islam For Today The Final Call: The Farrakahn Lieutenants From

SUPREME WISDOM DEPARTMENT (OUR MOTHER PLANE) 1. The Mother Plane is made of the finest steel in Asia. 2. It was made on the Island of Nippon (Japan) in 1929, and also took flight that same year. 3. Black, Brown, Red and Yellow Scientists built the Mother Plane. 4. The Scientists did not know what they were building. 5. Her size is Half-mile by Half-mile square. 6. Her shape is oval. 7. Her speed is up to 9,000 miles per hour. 8. Her flying ability is nine thousand (9,000) miles per hour in any direction, up or down, to or fro, in any direction without making a complete directional turn. 9. Her contents are 1,500 small circular planes, as the devil calls them, "FLYING SAUCERS." 10. These small planes carry three (3) bombs each, they also shoot flames of fire. 11. The Black men who pilot these small planes have been taught from the age of six that they are to do a special job. 12. These pilots can hit any spot in America, blindfolded, as the Devil will soon see. 13. The bombs that the small planes contain weigh two tons each. 14. They are designed to drill into the Earth upon contact, and drill from one (1) to six (6) miles through stone and rock, and to explode, destroying civilization or any living matter (or life) within a fifty (50) mile radius. 15. After these bombs explode, a poisonous gas is found to snuff out the remaining life, if any still exists. 16. The purpose of the Mother Plane is to destroy the most wicked place ever to be on the planet Earth at any time (America, the Great Mystery Babylon). 17. Her position is 40 miles out from the Earth's sphere. 18. She holds this position from 6 to 12 months at a time. When this time is up, the Mother Plane comes into the atmosphere to take in fresh air for our Brothers inside, then she retakes her position. 19. At the dropping of the bombs, the flames will reach twelve (12) miles, in all directions. 20. When the destruction comes, America will burn 390 years and take 610 years to cool off. The Great Mystery Babylon (America) will perish in the flames of fire. Allah will even cause the air which we breathe to ignite along with the atmosphere. Every atom will burn in and over America from a height of twelve (12) miles down. [See more at]

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