Monday, August 30, 2010

Jesse Jackson Jr. Using Campaign Funds For Legal Bills

August 30, 2010 - Republican Issac Hayes has accused Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. of using campaign funds donated by ordinary individuals to pay off his legal bills. Hayes is running against incumbent Jackson for the 2nd Congressional District seat in Illinois. In a statement issued today, Hayes said that "During the first half of 2009 Jesse Jackson Jr.’s campaign committee spent $18,697- on legal fees. This comes in addition to the $100,000 he spent in December of 2008. Jackson is routinely under scrutiny for corrupt practices and even uses his donors’ money to fund his defense." Contributions to Jackson's campaign committee are down from previous years. Since and including 1996, contributions have been lower than today only in 2000. Source: Hayes also said that “Jackson’s donors should be made aware that a donation to Jackson is a donation to his legal defense fund. This should speak volumes as to the lack of integrity that the 2nd district residents get when they place a vote for Jackson. I am quite certain people would not contribute their hard earned dollars if they knew it would be used for a defense against a congressional crime. I intend to offer the members of our district a clean break from the politics of the past by leading with honesty and integrity.”