Saturday, August 7, 2010

IL State Senate Candidate Adam Robinson Would Support Higher Taxes

Adam Robinson "won" last November's Republican primary in the 7th Illinois State Senate District -- unopposed. Despite running as a Republican, Robinson does not call himself one on his website. And, worse yet, he says things that are downright non-Republican. More the heart of the matter, the self described "libertarian-Republican" says things that are downright non-conservative. The word "Republican" does not appear even once on his website. (republican On March 10, 2010, Robinson put out a press release in which he admitted he would support higher taxes in Illinois (emphasis added):
"I cannot support a budget that demands higher taxes from our citizens without first forcing the state government to do everything it can to cut spending to a level that reflects reality."
In other words, if and when Springfield does "everything it can" to cut spending "to a level that reflects reality," Robinson says he's willing to support higher taxes. WTF? Excuse me, but calling for higher taxes is INCONSISTENT with libertarian, Republican and conservative philosophy. It is ONLY consistent with Liberal, Democrat, Progressive ideology. To whose "reality" was Robinson referring? He didn't say. He also offered no suggested course of action, no list of programs or items to trim in order to cut back that budget. Robinson wrapped up the press release with this: "It's time for elected leaders to show political courage and make decisions that serve the people’s interests rather than their own. I call on Governor Quinn to rethink his approach and to put people first." "People first" is so warm and fuzzy, but it's as void of substance as "hope and change." It took no political courage for Robinson to offer this empty criticism of Quinn's horrible budget plan, but Robinson offers no hint that he himself has any decisions to offer as an alternative. It's one thing for the average joe to sit around and criticize, but when a candidate for the State Senate does so we expect that person to offer at least a vague suggestion of their alternative plan of action. Robinson did not do that in March, and has not done so yet. An interesting quote that applies: "Liberal Republicans actually do more harm to our country than Liberal Democrats, because they are hijacking the party that is supposed to FIGHT socialism. That's why Bush was able to get away with expanding government more than Clinton, and Nixon more than Johnson." ~ Conservatives Don't Let Conservatives Support Liberal Republicans, Facebook group RELATED: Republican in Name Only (RINO) definition at Conservapedia