Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Geert Wilders Warns America About Jihad (Videos)

In two stunning and powerful videos (below), "There are moderate Muslims," says Wilders, "but there is no moderate Islam.... The purest joy in Islam is to kill and to be killed." Geert Wilders, a controversial member of Parliament of The Netherlands warns of the dangers of appeasing the Islamists, both in Europe and in America. Don't believe that? Then you should read about Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi, who recently told his television viewers that "the desire to shed blood, smash skulls, and sever simbs for the sake of Allah is an honor for the believer." Although Al-Arifi is not representative of all muslim clerics, he is hardly unique among them. Al-Arifi is the kind of guy that Wilders warns us about. Al-Arifi is the kind of guy who urges terrorists to fly jets into skyscrapers. Al-Arifi embodies all that Wilders warns us about. (Find related articles under the videos.) RELATED: More Christian Democrats trust Wilders‎ DutchNews (Netherlands) How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia‎ FOXNews