Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #3 In Series

Why would we do something as sophomoric as make Chicago aldermen look like Nazis? Click image to enlarge it. Because, mainly, these sophomoric assdips called everybody who supports Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law "Nazis," or remained silent while other did so during the debate of the Chicago City Council's resolution to condemn that state for having the gaul to enforce existing federal laws. I also do it because I enjoy shoving Alinsky tactics up their Marxist arses. It's always fun to watch Democrats such as these fly into hissy fits when the kind of mockery that their camp has heaped on the Right for decades is heaped right back on them. "Fear no art," they say, but hypocrites fear this, and this is art whether you fear it or not. As Saul Alinsky wrote in his Rules For Radicals, "Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon." I say fight ridicule with ridicule. The resolution was sponsored by four Latino aldermen: George Cardenas (12th Ward), Ariel Reboyras (30th), Ray Suarez (31st) and Ricardo Munoz (22nd). Although the Arizona law applies equally to any illegal alien no matter what their race, enthnicity or national origin, these little hitlers did their Democrat best to make it a race issue. All four said that SB 1070 was an attack on Latinos (in fact, it's not an "attack" on any ethnic group but, instead, a strong response to people who have violated U.S. federal laws). The most aggregious insult to Arizona came from Danny Solis, 25th Ward, who acted as the loudmouthed pitbull for the four sponsors, making the Nazi comparison for them. The Sun-Times reported that "They likened the Arizona law to the progressive denial of civil liberties that preceded Adolf Hitler’s 'final solution': the extermination of six million Jews in concentration camps." They may not have used the word "Nazi," but it's hard to miss the direct comparison there. Like Ald. Solis (right), the four sponsors either did not read Arizona's SB1070 or chose to deliberately lie about it - or both. ALSO SEE: Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #1 In Series Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #2 In Series