Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Conservatives Should Care About the Cook County GOP Scandals

We've been touching on the simmering triangular sex-and-power scandals involving the Cook County Republican Party, the Chicago Young Republicans and the Chicago Republican Party. Hillbuzz has been ahead of the curve, however, and yesterday posted "Anatomy of a Scandal: Why conservatives nationwide should care about what Lee Roupas has done to the Cook County GOP." It's a must-read. Note: There is an "informer" call "Roxy Vanilla," which is actually a group. In one of their emails, they described themselves as "a small group of disgusted current and former Chicago Young Republicans." On July 25, Chicago News Bench received a comment from an imposter, posing as Roxy Vanilla. The real Roxy's email address is "," but the imposter added an extra "l" - "". You can see the imposter's comment at my post, "Is Jeremy Rose Still Exec Director? And Where Are Cook County GOP Committemen?"