Monday, July 19, 2010

Was Rep. Jesse Jackson Involved In Blago Bribery?

"Was Rep. Jackson at the head of the table when bribery conspired?" Republican Issac Hayes is running for Congress against U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the 2nd District, Illinois. Hayes asks that question - and more. Hayes released the following statement following testimony heard in the Rod Blagojevich trial that placed Congressman Jackson at a meeting where cash in exchange for the U.S. Senate Seat was discussed: "Today, we again heard damaging testimony belying Congressman Jackson’s claims of innocence in the Blagojevich Senate Seat scandal. We can now place Mr. Jackson at the head of the table when this conspiracy was first discussed. According to testimony by Rajinder Bedi, on October 27, 2008 he met with Congressman Jackson and his supporter Raghu Nayek at the 312 Restaurant in the loop. During this meeting at which Jackson was present, Nayek asked Bedi to send word to Blagojevich that he would raise a million dollars for Blagojevich if he would appoint Jackson to the Senate seat. "A pattern has emerged with Mr. Jackson. First, he denied any involvement in the Senate Seat scandal, but then we learned he was ‘Senate Candidate 5’ in the Rod Blagojevich indictment. Next, he denied any knowledge of an offer by his acquaintances, but today we learned he was sitting at the head of the table when the bribe was first offered. "The good people of Illinois Second District need a Representative who has the character and values to lead our district with honesty and integrity. The three-peat of political corruption we have experienced in this district has taken the focus off of job creation and small business investment. We need a change of leadership and that starts by voting Mr. Jackson out of office in November." This statement also appears on the Citizens for Isaac Hayes website at: