Sunday, July 18, 2010

Was Murdered Chicago Cop Assassinated?

Was the murder of CPD Officer Michael R. Bailey this morning a hit? Was he assassinated? A lot of Chicago cops seem to think so. Several uniformed CPD officers were working the Windy City RibFest in Uptown this evening. I approached the group of seven. "I'm sorry to hear about the death of Officer Bailey," I said. "Thank you," three of them said simultaneously. Their gazes suddenly changed from suspicious anticipation to relaxed comraderie. Cops, after all, are more accustomed to taking verbal abuse than getting sympathy from a stranger on the street. "It's pretty weird that those guys chose a uniformed officer as a target in broad daylight," I said. They all nodded. All eyes were on me. "I don't think it was attempted robbery. They didn't want his car or his wallet," I said, "I think it was a hit. Officer Bailey, I think, was targeted for assassination." Seven nodding heads. "A lot of us think so too," one of the cops said. By "us," he didn't mean the officers standing there in front me. He meant "us" in the bigger sense. He was including all officers in the Chicago Police Department in "us." I have not seen this theory floated anywhere else - yet. Keep your eyes open, officers everywhere, and may God protect you all.