Friday, July 23, 2010

Sex! Power! Coverups! The Imperial Cook County GOP

CNB Exclusive - Sex and Power often go together, but usually not this way. Allegations and whispers of sexual misconduct within the Chicago Young Republicans group are only complicating a long-standing attempt by Cook County Republican Party leadership to move in on the Chicago Republican Party like the Borg going after the Starship Enterprise. Before proceeding, we want to be clear that there is no indication that Sen. Bill Brady is involved in any of this. He's running for governor in Illinois. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady, however, has been briefed. Major party donors have heard the whispers for many months, and some are putting heavy pressure on GOP leadership at all levels to "clean this mess up." AN EMAIL AND MEMO were obtained by us through one of our informers. THE EMAIL (click to view) was sent by Eloise Gerson, Chairman of the Chicago Republican Central Committee, to "GOP Leaders" on Monday, July 10, 2010. There is an ugly power struggle between the Cook County (IL) Republican Party and the Chicago Republican Party that's been brewing for at least 18 months, and it is essentially a conspiracy between Jeremy Rose, Executive Director of the Cook County Party and President of the Chicago Young Republicans, and Cook County Republican Chairman Lee Roupas. While we don't know who those "leaders" are (they seem to have been blind copied), but we can guess that IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady was included in the list. She addresses the "vicious" attempt to co-opt her organization by the Cook County Central Committee. THE MEMO (click to view) is undated but obviously sent in late June, 2010, prior to the email and lends much context to the email of July 19. (The email is dated July 10, the other document refers to a then-future meeting on June 29, 2010.) Roupas and Rose want, essentially, to take over and absorb the Chicago party into one larger entity. Meanwhile, a sex scandal is brewing within the Chicago Young Republicans, involving serious allegations against Rose. That scandal is on the verge of exploding, already getting scant coverage in the blogosphere. We haven't heard the last of this by a longshot. Like a pressure cooker that's been steaming too long, the lid is about to blow. Let's get it over with. RELATED ALLEGATIONS: Lee Roupas is lying: he claims to have only been made aware of the ... Hillbuzz Is Jeremy Rose Out As Exec Director of Cook County GOP? (Updated) CNB Who is Roxy Vanilla and what scandal is Lee Roupas covering up for the Chicago GOP? Hillbuzz