Monday, July 26, 2010

Roxy Vanilla, Time To Step Forward

Enough of the cowardly accusations, "Roxy Vanilla." You describe yourself as "a small group of disgusted current and former Chicago Young Republicans." You write wicked accusations about Jeremy Rose and Lee Roupas from behind the safe shadows of anonymity. Chicago News Bench, and other bloggers previously, have reported the allegations made by you. This blog has always referred to the accusations by you as "allegations" because none of the serious points presented have been proven to be true. (I apologize to most readers for the insider nature of this post, which I realize is mysterious to most of you. For context, see Sex! Power! Coverups! The Imperial Cook County GOP and Is Jeremy Rose Out As Exec Dir of Cook County GOP?) The accustions against Rose, Roupas, et. al. may be or may not be true; we don't know, but fairness obliges us to qualify the accusations as "allegations." I have offered Jeremy Rose a forum here to dispute the allegations against him, and thus far he has not stepped up. The point is, however, that he was offered. (I have also offered that opportunity to the Cook County committeemen, to no avail.) Roxy Vanilla seems to prefer the star chamber method of justice, convened secretly in a shadowy corner, perhaps, of a musty coffee shop in parts unknown. For all we know, Roxy Vanilla is only one person. Or as he/she/they claim, a group. We don't know because RV is anonymous. Even the guilty have the right to face their accuser, but Roxy Vanilla is denying that right to Rose, Roupas and others. That is cowardly, and it does not nothing in the way of lending any credibility to Roxy Vanilla. So we call on Roxy Vanilla to grow a spine and step forward. Reveal your identity/ies. Give credence (if there is any) to your claims of misconduct, "Roxy Vanilla," by attaching your real name/s to them. Today, another anonymous coward sent us an email. Their email was "theswordandtherose" and used the same anonymizing email service that Roxy Vanilla uses. The voice in which it was written is very similar to that of Roxy Vanilla. The sender signed the email as "Concerned CYRs." We call on this cowardly cyberinformant to step forward, too. ALSO SEE: Did Hillbuzz Have a Premature Ejaculation?