Monday, July 26, 2010

Robinson State Senate Campaign Driving Numbers in IL-7th

Adam Robinson's campaign for Illinois State Senate (7th) is driving a measurable shift in voter support in this traditionally unchallenged district. Robinson, a moderate Republican, is running against Machine Democrat Heather Steans. Steans and her husband Leo Smith were major enablers of Rod Blagojevich over the years. In a recent survey, 55% of independent voters indicated that they would support Robinson in November. PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 26, 2010 – Adam Robinson's State Senate campaign released results from their voter survey for the week-ending July 24th. Results obtained through the Robinson campaign's internal poll show that his campaign is driving a measurable shift in voter support in this traditionally unchallenged State Senate district. When asked which candidate they were most likely to support in November, 55% of independent voters surveyed indicated that they would choose Adam Robinson over the incumbent. In a sign of voter dissatisfaction with the political status quo, 45% of Democrat primary voters surveyed indicated that they will support Robinson in November. This sizable lead among independent voters and the strong support within base Democrats indicates that Robinson is well-positioned for the November 2nd general election. For the seven day period of 7/18 through 7/24, the Robinson campaign made 37,426 calls to registered voters in the 7th district, setting a new 2010 record for the most outreach calls made by a candidate for the General Assembly by over 7,000 dials. These live-operator survey calls were made by campaign volunteers and were not "robo calls." Adam Robinson, the independent-minded challenger to the Illinois State Senate's 7th district seat, commented on these latest survey results. "These numbers are confirmation of what we've known for months - voters in the 7th district are tired of politicians who waste their money, cut the programs they care about, and punish taxpayers for their failure to govern effectively. Our support is a testament to our community and its willingness to stand up and say, 'enough is enough!' We're working hard earn the people's trust, and our message is clearly resonating." Entrepreneur , small business owner and community advocate Adam Robinson is the challenger for Illinois State Senate, 7th District (far north Chicago). Adam's platform calls for policies that cut wasteful spending, increase jobs, improve public education, and deliver full transparency in government. Find out more at and visit Adam's Press Room. RELATED: Robinson Campaign Comments on Sen. Steans' Investment in Troubled Nursing Home Madigan Calls for Full Steans Investigation, Alleges Corruption Contractors Gave Blago $80,000 (Steans Gave Him $200,000) Heather Steans Lies About Hubby's Blago Connections Heather Steans' Husband Goes Nuts in a Gay Bar Sen. Heather Steans Lied on Her Resume Sen. Heather Steans, Money Whore