Thursday, July 1, 2010

Molly Phelan Running For Alderman in 46th Ward

IT'S OFFICIAL: Activist attorney Molly Phelan will run for alderman in Chicago's 46th Ward in the February, 2011 election. ALSO SEE: First Responders Endorse Michael Carroll for 46th Ward Alderman (CNB, January 26, 2011) On June 23, Phelan responded to me my email request for an interview about her "Friends of Molly Phelan." She wrote: "Thank you for reaching out. Due to several factors, I won't be able to have any type of interview regarding the Aldermanic run until mid-July. Regardless, I really appreciate your perspective that the coverage is pretty slanted out there. You have always been very fair in your understanding of how the 46th Ward works and I greatly respect that and will continue to do that in the future. I look forward to touching base with you in July." Phelan has several years of communitiy activism, primarily with Fix Wilson Yard, a group formed to fight the "misuse" of TIF money in the building of a new Target store and residential units in Uptown at W. Montrose and N. Broadway. Fix Wilson Yard has given Phelan first-hand experience at organizing and fundraising.