Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Jeremy Rose Out As Exec Dir of Cook County GOP? (Updated x2)

Exclusive to Chicago News Bench: A trusted source tells us that on the night of Tuesday, July 20 there was a conference call between Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady and state central committeemen. In that phone call, Brady informed the committeemen that Jeremy Rose will be resigning from his position as Executive Director of the Cook County Republican Party "within three days." That would be this coming Friday, July 23. Our source claims that Brady did not specify why Rose would be resigning, nor whether it would be a forced or voluntary resignation. Stand by, as they say, for news. UPDATE, JULY 24: Is Jeremy Rose Still Exec Director? And Where Are Cook County GOP Committemen? Rose's resignation may hang on the outcome, according to our source, "of mediation by Gary MacDougal, a former state GOP chairman, between Eloise Gerson and Lee Roupas." That mediation would be to settle, to be as brief as possible, a power struggle within the ranks of Chicago area Republicans, and also has to do with allegations of sexual misconduct within the Chicago Young Republicans. The mediation is scheduled for Thursday, July 22 "somewhere deep in the suburbs of Chicago." Rose is also the head of the Chicago Young Republicans. (Hoo boy, stand by for news!) Curiously, our source says, Pat Brady told the committeemen on the Tuesday night conference call that the battle between Roupas and Gerson will be left to them to settle - a weirdly astonishing statement, given that this involves a brewing scandal that could explode into the lame Mainstream Media at any moment. We will expand on this in the coming days. We have our own theories, as do other bloggers. Jeremy Rose has not returned my phone call. Just after I posted, he sent me this email message: "Not true, who is your source?" I responded that I cannot reveal a source's name, and asked him how he would know if it's true or not, and whether he was involved in the conference call and/or if Pat Brady told him denied saying those things to the committeemen. UPDATE, July 22, 1:00 PM: No further response from Mr. Rose. (Me thinks he doth protest too little.) P.S. - Why am I, a conservative blogger, posting this nasty stuff about Republicans? Because (a) if the blogosphere allegations of sexual misconduct against Jeremy Rose are true, they should be exposed (and these allegations are flying within the GOP itself) and (b) it the allegations are not true, that should be exposed. This story is not going away, and the sooner it gets out the better for everybody, and (c) Truth is Truth, and that's what I seek. P.P.S. - Thanks for your recent email, Roxy. Please send more details.