Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Republican Candidates Can Increase Visibility

Dear GOP Candidates: We like you, and most of you like Chicago News Bench. We try to cover your campaigns as best as we can, but there are many stories other than yours that compete for our attention. We are one of the Top 20 Blogs in Illinois in terms of readership and political influence. Our readers are affluent, well educated and mature (not to mention mostly conservative and independent). For example: 35% of our readers make $100K or more, 73% are 35 years old and above, 71% have attended college and/or grad school. 42% of our readers are female. (For reader demographics, click here.) If you would like to guarantee a constant, high-visibility presence on Chicago News Bench, we invite you to consider advertising with us. (A note of irony: Candidates send out press releases expecting bloggers to support them. That's fine, but how about a little support of the bloggers who cheer you on? You spend huge portions of your ad dollars on Mainstream Media radio, television and newspapers. How about a few crumbs for the New Media?) We are cost-effective and your campaign ad will be seen more often here than it would be through GoogleAds. Advertising on Chicago News Bench makes a lot of sense in this age of digital campaigns. The easiest method for you is to go through BlogAds by clicking here. Another way, of course, is to contact publisher Tom Mannis directly (email address at left). We are also capable of assisting you in expert graphic design and copywriting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.