Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Mayor Daley Killed Officer Michael Bailey (Updated)

A Chicago police officer who had been assigned to the security detail of Chicago Mayor Daley was shot and killed early this morning. Anybody with information is urged to call 1-888-976-7468. Details first, then I'll explain (in convoluted LiberalThink) why Officer Bailey's death is Mayor Daley's fault. A police officer coming home from an overnight shift guarding Mayor Richard Daley's home died after exchanging gunfire with men apparently trying to steal his new car or rob him in his South Side neighborhood, police said. Bailey was assigned to the Central District and had been stationed overnight at the mayor's home, police said.... He had just gotten home and was still in his uniform when as many as three men approached, a source said. Preliminary information indicates Bailey announced he was an officer, and there was an exchange of gunfire between Bailey and at least one of the men, a source said. From Chicago Breaking News... No, Mayor Daley did not pull the trigger that fired the bullet that killed Officer Bailey. (Some Chicago police officers believe that Officer Bailey was the target of assassination.) No rational person, of course, would believe that Mayor Daley is at fault in the sad death of Officer Bailey. The key word here, however, is "rational." When it comes to gun control, Mayor Daley and other ideological fools (e.g., Pfather Pfleger, Jesse Jackson) are completely irrational. According to the anti-handgun crowd, gun crime will increase along with the legalization of gun ownership. Another way to put it: Allowing the good citizens of Chicago to legally possess handguns for self defense will lead to more gun crime. (You still with me?) As far as I know, Office Bailey was (a) a law abiding citizen and (b) legally in possession of a handgun. Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago not only allowed Bailey to carry that handgun, they required him to do so. So, to follow the LibThink line of reasoning, Bailey's simple act of legally possessing a handgun lead to an increase in gun violence. Therefore, by requiring Officer Bailey to have that gun, Mayor Daley is guilty of increasing gun violence in Chicago and, thereby, the death of Officer Michael R. Bailey. Got that? If you're rational, of course, you'll disagree with that statement. If you're an irrational anti-gun liberal, however, your head might be exploding about now as you grapple to understand the paradox of your own thought process. Let's get back to reality and drop the LiberalThink excercise. The bastards that killed Officer Bailey might just as easily - more easily, in fact - have chosen to victimize an unarmed citizen. Although it did not save his life, Bailey at least had a fighting chance - something more than law-abiding citizens of Chicago have had for many, many years. We hope that Officer Michael R. Bailey rests in peace, and express our sincerest sympathies to his family and close friends. We hope that Mayor Richard M. Daley, on the other hand, forever has trouble sleeping at night. Post Script: The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation offers an automatic, standing $10,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who shoots or shoots at a Chicago Police Officer. Residents with information are urged to call 1-888-YPO-Shot ~ NBC Chicago...