Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Video: Female Cop Blasts Hostage Holder in Canton, China

Incredible news video (see below). Several versions of this exist because there were a number of news crews on the scene, and we think this is the best one. A gutsy female police officer speaks with a man holding a female hostage. The cop pretends to holster her pistol at about 5:07 into the video. Then suddenly, at 5:12, she dashes across the sidewalk while drawing her gun -- and shoots the perp. He falls and stumbles backward and the hostage falls straight down. It all happens in the blink of an eye - the cop glances at the hostage to make sure she's okay... then shoots the hostage taker three more times! Sadly, the bad guy survived the shooting and at 6:59 into the vid we're shown the hospital where he was taken. The fate of the kidnapper is unclear. This is how a hostage situation should be handled, period. Clean, cost efficient, and one hell of a deterrent to other morons who might consider taking a hostage. That police officer is a real hero. If the perp survived his bullet wounds, there will be a very swift trial. One thing is virtually assured: He will be found guilty, then either be executed or sentenced to a very long and unpleasant prison term - and that's a good thing. No drawn-out stupidity, no ACLU, no liberal judges, no parole, no lawsuits, no muss, no fuss. Just fast, effective justice.