Monday, July 19, 2010

French Muslims: "You're A Dirty Race, We Are Going To Kill You"

Grenoble, France - July 18, 2010 - Two heavily armed immigrants, muslim arabs, robbed a casino. Trying to escape police by shooting at them, one were shot in the head, of course to death. Immigrants declared to journalists from the first French TV channel (TF1): "You killed one of ours. Anyway, you are a dirty race, we are going to kill you too." [and] "Everything that is European, we are going to shoot you." Four people were arrested by local police "in connection with an attempted murder," according to the Albuquerque Express. "The four were arrested in the French city of Grenoble [map] after accusations were raised that they had fired on police after a service for a suspected armed robber who had been shot dead during a police chase. In the violence that followed the [funeral] service, angered rioters attacked a tram with baseball bats and iron bars and burned out around 15 cars in two nights of angry retaliation.... Police pursued two men who had been suspected of holding up the casino at Uriage-les-Bains [map] early on Friday morning.When the two men fired shots at them, wounding an officer, police returned fire, killing one of the men, Karim Boudouda."

"You killed one of ours. Anyway, you are a dirty race, we are going to kill you too," said that local Muslim immigrant.Racist? Yes. Murderous? Yes.

Is that hateful rhetoric unjustified in light of the fact that the man who was shot was in the act of robbing a casino and shooting at police while engaged in a car chase? Of course.

Does the Koran justify that behavior in some followers' minds? Sadly, it does.

You can blame the rioting on the lousy way France views ethnicity, or the way France - like most European nations - has trouble assimilating newcomers into its own society. To be fair, American Muslims - and those in most European countries - do not engage in riots at which their cousins in France seem so practiced. That being said, however, there's that troubling and racist phrase, "you are a dirty race," followed by the threat (promise?) to shoot "everything that is European." The "dirty race" part is most troubling, even more so than the simple threat to shoot people. It has the old stink of genocidal tendencies. The Telegraph UK reports: Police on Sunday arrested four men for attempted murder by shooting at officers during riots in the poor neighbourhood of La Villeneuve. The four were seized in a dawn raid in La Villeneuve after two nights of unrest. The riots broke out after a 27-year-old man was shot dead by police when he allegedly robbed a casino. Police said the four were held for attempted murder after firing bullets at police during the worst of the rioting early on Saturday... The "powder kegs" in many of France's poor districts are ready to explode again. Anti-European hatred by immigrants in France, particularly by Muslims, threatens to wreak havoc on life and property as it has so often in the recent past, particularly the riots of 2005 and 2007. Fortunately, for the moment at least, the Grenoble situation seems to have eased somewhat. According to France24, "Police deployed in a suburb of the French city of Grenoble to halt a wave of rioting said Monday the situation had calmed down overnight, though two gunshots were aimed at one of their vehicles. 'The night was calm, apart from two shots fired at a police vehicle,' a spokesperson for the police told AFP, adding that no cars had been set ablaze." RELATED: Orchestrating racial harmony in the French banlieues The Independent (UK) Is the rejection of radical Islam "anti-Muslim"? French MPs vote in favour of banning burka Telegraph (UK) Syria bans face veils at universities BBC News Four sentenced in 2007 Paris suburb riots UPI (July 4, 2010)