Monday, July 26, 2010

Film 'The Soviet Story' Reveals The Horror of Communism

Once upon a time, the socialists in Europe were united. Hitler and Stalin, both socialists, were friendly toward each other. Before Hitler began his campaign of genocide, Stalin starved seven million people to death in Ukraine in the winter of 1932-33. During that genocide, Stalin exported confiscated Ukrainian wheat to Nazi Germany. Six years after the Ukraine horror, Hitler and Stalin signed a nonaggression treaty. NOTE: We now have this video permanently embedded beneath our bookstore below.

Eventually, the eastern socialists and the western socialists of Europe split into two major camps: The Red camp and the Brown camp. The Reds were in Russia, under the hammer and sickle. The Browns were in Germany, under the swastika.

Heresy? No, it's history ignored. "The Soviet Story" is a powerful film that everybody needs to watch. Released in 2008, it deserves more attention.

This is history that has been virtually purged from public school systems because it is "politically incorrect." It's disturbing, it's frightening, it is stark reality. The next time you see some ignorant fool wearing a Che Guevara tee-shirt, remember this film. The next time you hear somebody sing the praises of communism, remember this film. Watch the entire 86-minute movie uniterrupted at Hat tip to Moonbattery