Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did Hillbuzz Have a Premature Ejaculation?

Did Hillbuzz screw up? Is Hillbuzz so eager to print sensationalistic rumor and innuendo from "Roxy Vanilla" that he couldn't see that the email address on a message he got is not from RV? Perhaps, but maybe not. Maybe Roxy Vanilla is just getting sloppy. Perhaps not. On Monday, July 26 at 1:44 p.m., I posted here that Chicago News Bench received a mysterious email. I wrote this in the post "Roxy Vanilla, Time To Step Forward": Today, another anonymous coward sent us an email. Their email was "theswordandtherose" and used the same anonymizing email service that Roxy Vanilla uses. The voice in which it was written is very similar to that of Roxy Vanilla. The sender signed the email as "Concerned CYRs." We call on this cowardly cyberinformant to step forward, too. In other words, the sender did not claim to be Roxy Vanilla. That didn't prevent Hillbuzz from reporting that the email was "Latest email from “Roxy Vanilla”... Huh. I double checked and sho' nuff, the text that Hillbuzz presents as a Roxy Vanilla email is exactly, word for word, the same as the one I got by "Concerned CYRs," sent from "theswordandtherose@xxxxx.xxx." Roxy Vanilla uses the same anonymous email service, but of course, any coward afraid to put his/her name to an accusation can do that. The only difference between what Hillbuzz claims to have received and what I got is the way the email was addressed. Hillbuzz presented his version as being addressed this way: FROM: Roxy Vanilla TO: The Prophet CC: Chicago Media DATE: 7/25/10 The one I received was addressed as follows: From: theswordandtherose@xxxxxx.xxx To: [Jeremy Rose's email] I was obviously blind copied (bcc'd). If anybody else received the email as a bcc, I have no way of knowing. Since Roxy Vanilla has sent email to me directly, and therefore knows my email address, it seems unlikely that they (RV is a group) would send something to me under a different pseudonym and from a different email address. Additionally, why would someone calling themselves "Concerned CYRs" send out exactly the same email that, according to Hillbuzz, was sent by Roxy Vanilla? Doesn't make much sense. If Hillbuzz would forward the email he claims to be from Roxy Vanilla to me, I'll be satisfied. I don't know if Hillbuzz even reads this blog, but if he reads this post he'll probably laugh this off and shout "F--- you, Mannis, you bug!" at his computer screen. Of course, he won't be able to hear you or me shouting "Prove it, Hillbuzz!" at our keyboards.